Saturday, May 4, 2013

Twitter Address That You Should Have On Native American Issues. Help SHARE the Stories

As we publish stories on Native American corruption, disenrollments and gaming issues, it would help our traffic to promote this blog to ensure we are seen. There is a button at the bottom of the posts that allow you to email and post to TWITTER. Here are some twitter addresses: The Department of Justice: @TheJusticeDept Bureau of Indian Affairs: @USIndianAffairs NAACP for Civil Rights stories: @naacp Publications, News: @Indianz @IndianCountry @npr @NativeNewsNet Congress California: @DarrellIssa @SenFeinstein @BarbaraBoxer @JerryBrownGov Help keep us in the view of those that should be seeing us. Feel free to add some addresses in the comments.

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