Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Pechanga, Stung By Corruption in The Tribe, Looks For New Revenue With Bingo

After years of declining slot revenue, partially due to the bad publicity of their terrible treatment of their people, Pechanga is trying to find another revenue stream.

Bad Karma has followed Pechanga since they harmed so many of their own people via disenrollment.  Slot revenue is down, their former tribal chair absconded with slot machines.  FBI investigations, embezzlement.  Remember when they promised to help CA balance its budget?

The Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians announced Tuesday it will be building a dedicated bingo hall at the Pechanga Resort & Casino, a move that should make the venue a mecca once more for dauber-carrying bingo fans.
The tribe last year offered bingo games during the summer on a trial basis to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the opening of its large resort and casino complex. The games proved popular with both elderly patrons who recalled playing at Pechanga in the 1990s, when games were held inside a tent, and younger folks who enjoy the new types of bingo games that are offered these days.
"We heard the enthusiasm and excitement from players loud and clear last summer for bingo at Pechanga,” Patrick Murphy, president of the Pechanga Development Corporation, said in a statement.
The new hall, which will offer bingo sessions every day of the week, will be built inside an existing 14,000-square-foot area of the resort across from the Pechanga Poker Room.
It's scheduled to open in July.
"This will not be your grandmother’s bingo hall. Guests can expect this to be one of the most innovative bingo facilities in the country," Murphy stated in the release

The room will offer tablet bingo gaming so guests may play multiple bingo cards simultaneously on an electronic device. Those who prefer the more "time-honored" experience of playing with paper bingo cards and daubers may also do so, according to the release.

Remember When Pechanga BEAT their Elderly Customers? 

Now they need them more than ever.  


Anonymous said...

Do hey have penny bingo?. That seems to be the big thing at Prchanga. Trying or the penny players. Pechanga, te new Soboba. Complete with the tweaker beggars.

Anonymous said...

Should have put my glasses on..stupid iPad . It was supposed to say, do they have penny bingo and trying for the penny players. Pechanga the new Soboba.
Sorry for the typos.

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