Thursday, May 2, 2013

PROCESS? Obama Administration Doesn't NEED PROCESS in Tejon Matter

In a preview of how the Obama administration will treat illegal immigrants, allowing many to stay here without going through the process that millions of legal immigrants go through, Barack Obama's Interior Department will allow Larry Echohawk's scheme for the Tejon Indian Tribe to Stand.    

The U.S. Department of Interior will uphold a decision to add a Central California Native American tribe to a list of federally recognized tribes despite a critical assessment of the move by a government watchdog.

Federal recognition has given the Tejon Indian Tribe the right to a reservation where it can pursue a casino.

The department said in a statement that the Tejon did not appear on the list of federally recognized tribes solely due to an administrative error. It said the 2011 decision to reaffirm the tribe near Bakersfield corrected that error and will be upheld.

The department's Office of Inspector General criticized the decision in a report released on Tuesday, saying it found no discernible process that was followed in recognizing the tribe.

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