Monday, June 18, 2012

10 Things YOU Can Do To Stop Lawlessness In Indian Country

A re-post of a timely article:

10 Things YOU Can Do to Stop the Lawlessness Like Pechanga and Picayune Tribes Of California

We published this earlier last year from the President of AIRRO, and we think it's still timely. You can help us and help your Native American friends who suffer at the hands of tribes like: Pechanga, Picayune, Redding, San Pascual, Enterprise, Guideville.

10 Things You Can Do To Help Stop the Lawlessness in Indian Country
1. Call, Write, and Email your Congressional representatives and tell them that the violations of human rights and civil liberties must be stopped and the violators must be prosecuted.

OP: If only 10 people send a letter, it makes no impact, 11 is more, 120 is better. Don't sit back and hope somebody writes a letter, or email or fax. Send one yourself and one for your wife and kids and ask your neighbors if you can send one on their behalf.

2. Write letters to the editors of your local newspapers describing the violations of human rights and civil liberties occurring in Indian Country.

OP: How do you think we got a news piece on KNBC (linked at my blogroll)? The editors will right about what their readers want to read.
3. Boycott Indian Casinos owned by those tribes whose tribal officials have violated the human rights and civil liberties of its citizens and customers. (List coming soon to Pechanga.Info Homepage)

OP: I used to spend $3,000 a year at Pechanga, but no more. I tell people now, not to go there, and why.

4. Get others to boycott with you.

OP: How about your high school reunion committee that's thinking of having it at the casinos? NopeAnd send a letter to the casinos telling them WHY you aren't having it on their properties.

5. Stand beside those who have been wronged - walk the protest lines, carry a sign.

6. Speak out about the injustices occurring in Indian Country. Don't hide behind the fear "that you might be next".

OP: Bullies will beat up on those who won't defend themselves. We are living proof.

7. Stand up to your tribal leaders and show them that you won't tolerate being a part of creating another era of dishonor and genocide against Indian People. Do not hide behind the shame of what is being done to your family and friends

OP: Had more of the other families brought their relatives in to vote, we wouldn't be in this situation. One vote lost by 4 votes.

8. Join and support the American Indian Rights and Resources Organization or any other organizations that work to promote, protect and preserve human rights and civil liberties in Indian Country.

9. Persuade local business and community leaders not to accept Casino money from tribal officials that violate the human and civil rights of any individual.

OP: How is it that school districts will support illegal immigration, but not support those who suffer the violation of civil rights by their Native neighbors?

10. Support and encourage those who have had their human rights and civil liberties violated by tribal officials.

OP: Say, like commenting on blogs, or passing the blog address to friends or visiting the blogs 3-5 times a day to show some love? Or now, with social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace, you can link to blog stories so that all your "friends" can see it on their profile pages. Also, become friends with politicians and newspeople so you can share the stories with them.
For more information on the fight to end lawlessness in Indian Country, please continue to visit or contact or


Anonymous said...

Idon't understand, you people have been trying for years to be enrollled again, how long has it been? do you people really think they give a shit?, that news thing you did, did that help? you wnt to a confrence in arizona, did that help?, face it your never ever gonna be enrolled! moratorium people have been shitted on all these are they gonna be enrolled? Whats the use of writing to anybody! their not gonna help, the casinos will closed down before they enroll anybody, and i don't are what ever comment about it's helping, it's not!, so get on with your life already! A concerned pechanga member.

Anonymous said...

Excuse the mispelled words.

Anonymous said...

There is a rumor surfacing that a handful of Pechanga members were punished (sanctioned) by forfeiting their current tribal benefits for a number of years, i.e. per capita payments. They still are considered members, but members not in good standing, thus a revocation of benefits. Has anyone else heard this same information or is it only a rumor?

Anonymous said...

Well not sure how this could go down without those members being charged with a crime?

Erick Rhoan said...

To Anonymous 10:51 A.M.

With every great crisis or every troubled time, there are always people like you who want to quash the hopes of everyone afflicted, hoping to either: A) sooth your own misery by making everyone else feel worse than what they started with; or B) talk down to others out of pure spite. Or maybe you just have no hope. Regardless of what category you fall under your negativity is neither accurate nor helpful.

Clearly you do not understand historical forces of change. No injustice is ever permanent and what individuals do to help their cause makes a difference. Naysayers are always proven wrong in the end.

The best advice is your own: move on with your life and leave everyone else here alone. We'll fight on without you.

United we stand said...

I agree Eric. People refuse to understand. That there are those of us who will NEVER give up with the fight for our right to WHAT is inherently ours. Our HERITAGE ....... When those who intend to harm and destroy reach those people. Then they will understand our plight. Until then. To all of you standing and fighting. Down ever bend. Dont ever break. We know what is right. And it is NOW that we stand up and fight with everything we have. Keep up the fight brothers and sisters.

Anonymous said...

For the moron that started the comments. It's been six years for Hunters and 8 years for Manuela Mirandas. Don't you remember?

Only a dumbass would take pleasure in moratorium people being shitted on.

Stand up and do the right thing, you pussy.

Anonymous said...

It my ancestors were pussies, I wouldn't be an Indian!
I would fight for my rights, just like my people before me did! What's wrong with you people? You must not be Indian .

Anonymous said...

At this point we're just troll feeding.

Anonymous said...

These are spot on, these things can help. One person cannot fight on their own, but a multitude of people can and at the same time it gives each other support knowing that others are with them. Inundate these people with letters. Look into sights like the Federal Defense Attorney, the FBI complaint form, the IRS, the Representatives from your state, The Department of Interior, 60 minutes, 20/20, and The State Bar Complaint form. The more you do the better your chances to accomplish something and feel positive about it. If you are going to go down, at least go down fighting, and if you can get some of these so called "leaders" to be investigated if they are hiding things they will be caught. There are honest people out there, they just need things to be pointed out enough so that they look into it. Endeavor to Persevere.

White Buffalo said...

In reply to Anonymous June 18, 2012 10:51 AM

There were more than a few misspelled words, but then again who can blame you. You must be still enrolled at Pechanga. What I would suggest is that you take a scholarship and go back to school..

You basically are advising that we roll over and die. Well that is not going to happen. We know the harm that this has caused, for it is our history and birthright that has been stolen from us.

We also know that there is still a criminal presence that keeps the people from doing what is right. We speak for ourselves as loudly as possible. This does not excuse those who know what is right and who do nothing, so we must keep fighting even if it takes decades.

As for the casino it would be better for the tribe to not have one, for the tribe has proven it cannot handle the wealth. They do not fix the roads or other infrastructure or care for other Indians who are in need. Once the acorn was the food the people survived on. If someone was hungry or unable to provide for their family food was shared. Now it is everyone for themselves is that the Indian way?

Anonymous said...

You guy's just want your per cap back just admit it!You people that we're in the tribe at one time knew what it was like, and you want it back! the poor moratorium people have to suffer! they don't know what it is like, oh i forgot this a dis-enrollment website!

Anonymous said...

Calling all TOSOBALS!

Anonymous said...

I remebet when I was a kid and people were a shame to admitt they were from Pechanga so they did not enroll but as soon as the casino was built everyone was from there. Its a shame how the people turned their backs on the people who are truly from Pechanga and been there longer then some of the wannabes who were to ashame to enroll when they were a poor tribe.

To you writting the hateful blogs you must be one of the families that only became proud after the tribe started getting money. I will keep you in my prays that you will soften your heart to see the truth.

Anonymous said...

There is enough for everyone, so I wish for you people who have a moratorium against you that one day you get enrolled. My grandfather was Pechanga, but we chose Pala and now we are disenrolled. You should not be fighting each other, you should come together and join the fight. Start your own reservation of Temecula Luisenos or Cahuillas,you deserve to be heard too, but don't get mad at the disenrolled. It is the Chairman and the others on the EC's you should be upset with. The hate and greed these people have is sad. How can someone hate someone they do not even know? Pray for God's vengeance now. They are setting up their descendants to suffer, because that much money makes you lethargic and keeps youth uneducated, unless you are somehow miraculously motivated to become someone of dignity. The whole thing is extremely disturbing, but take away their money and see who stands by them. They are surrounded by fake friends which is sad for them, they can't take it with them when they die, but they be paying for all of the evil they have spread.

Anonymous said...

Are the auto obols the only family in the moratorium?

smokeybear said...

Anonymous said...
You guy's just want your per cap back just admit it!You people that we're in the tribe at one time knew what it was like, and you want it back! the poor moratorium people have to suffer! they don't know what it is like, oh i forgot this a dis-enrollment website!

Why you "Pompous A..! What would you do if they came and ripped away your "Heritage and Birthright to be an "American Citizen, Illegally?" You would fight to regain what was stolen from you with every fiber of you being. If not for you, then for your children. You would be living without a country. Would that set well with you, not being able to enjoy the freedoms and benefits of what is your "Birthright? As an "American," you have the right to "Social Security" when you grow old, Health care for you and your family, and all the other priviledges that are afforded you as an "American Citizen." Then it is taken away from you for nothing more then "Greed and Self Interest, Illegally!" That's what has happened to us. We can prove who we are, as you can as an "American Citizen," and that, my friend, is what it is all about: Fighting to regain our "Birthright and Heritage" afforded us in our "Constitutions and Bylaws" of our respective "Tribes." "YOU WOULD!"

Erick, your post is right on...."Eagle Eyes."

smokeybear said...

Anonymous said...
Yes put that petition up on the blog. Let the signers see the horrendous damage they have done. Let them be accountable for pointing fingers when they have questionable lineage. Let's see those names.

You'd love to find out who signed that "Petition," for then the "Retaliation" would commence. There is no questionable lineage and you know it! How about your "Lineage?" Let us see where you stand! All you have been doing with that "Banter" you sprew out is "Open Mouth And Insert Foot!" Try showing some "Proof." Oh, I forgot: "You can't!" And for me using "Quotes...."Tough!" And as for using the word "Dribble," well the lies "Dribble" out of the mouths of these no account, worthless "Criminals!" ..."Eagle Eyes."

OPechanga said...

The first commenter is trying to stoke anger and that is a good thing.

A reminder, it took years to get casino gambling, also Pechanga is working on a water rights bill that has taken 50 years.

Time we have plenty of. The people of Laytonville got justice after 20 years. Snoqualmie just took back their tribe.

Pechanga has lost some heavyweights now, with disenfranchisement for a few bad apples.

It's time to refuel and take the fight seriously again. We have allies from Pala who are ramping up their protests. We must join together to raise our voices.

We are causing Pechanga to spend money they didn't want to spend. Their lobbying has been ineffective against the truths we expose.

To the anonymous poster who started the thread: FUCK YOU We ain't going anywhere.

United we stand said...

Well said op. I'm pala and the only ones who can try n say that I'm not is the pala e c. Me my family and the united states of America have all said I am who I am. So a big F U to the pala e c.

White Buffalo said...

Anonymous said...

You guys just want your per cap back just admit it! You people that we're in the tribe at one time knew what it was like, and you want it back! the poor moratorium people have to suffer! they don't know what it is like, oh i forgot this a dis-enrollment website!

June 18, 2012 8:39 PM

Well again ignorance rears its pitiful ass. I am not going to go over my families linage again. We know who we are. We have proven so, with historical documentation and testimony from our decedents who were wrongfully accused.

As for being a part of the tribe before the casino, well again if you have read any of my post you would know that I remember those days of poverty for the tribe. If you have just read my last post then either you did not understand what I said about the casino, or you are calling me a liar?

Care to comment? I will choose to believe that you did not understand that way I do not have to call you names or question who is hiding behind the post. As for the moratorium people they have been wronged, and it is up to all of us to fight those who are wrong..

Last question, why are you trying to divide us?

Anonymous said...

What's taking so long for ugly Jennie to be arrested?

Anonymous said...

“SO YOU THINK THIS ISN’T YOUR FIGHT” The Margarita Brittain fight is more your fight than you think. There are several implications related to the Executive Committee’s recent decision to disenroll several members of the Brittain Family.

Why is it you fight too?????

Under the new rules of the Executive Committee they can now disenroll anyone they want to disenroll. Is this really what you want for Pala. You want you and your family to constantly live in fear that the Executive Committee will take away your heritage and your per-capita with a single stroke of a pen.

The use of the 1928 Roll as proof of eligibility for enrollment with the Tribe is a violation of our Constituion. Under this new rule by the Executive Committee, Committee members Dion Perez , Theresa Nieto are not eligible for enrollment in Pala because the 1928 Roll shows their family to be from Morongo and Cahuilla and not from Warner Springs/Valley.

The children of Leroy Miranda should not be enrolled because the 1928 Roll shows that they are Yaqui Mexican.

More significantly, the 1928 Roll shows more than ½ the Tribe to be ineligible for enrollment just as the descendents of Margarita Brittain. Not your fight? YOUR NEXT!!!

More importantly to you, when the Brittains win, and they will, are you prepared to have your per-capita slashed in order to pay the back money owed them as well as damages. The sooner this is ended the better it is for you. Damages are accruing at a rate of $2 million a month. Think about it. It will be your debt.

Anonymous said...

Ya as soon as the brittain family is re-enrolled your Pala percapita is gonna be cut haha..that's what u get for disenrolling them illegally in the first place. You have to blame the EC! If Pechanga ever re-enrolled our dis-enrolled our Percapita will be gone completely their back pay is over $500 million atleast PALA's is only like $10 million right now.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully Pala people learn early unlike we did and re-enroll now before this goes on longer and their really in trouble like were gonna be. It's both our corrupt council's fault and everyone knows it.

smokeybear said...

O.P., the "F" word? Well it was along time coming.... These "Sniviling Little Weasels" are constantly trying to spread "Hate and Discontent," trying to dislodge us from our "Quest for Justice." They never, ever, have anything "Constructive" to say, just useless "Banter." We are getting to them, and it shows. We are now instilling "Fear" into these "Treasonous Leaches," and there is now a light at the end of the tunnel: "Judgement Day," and these "Corrupt and Criminal Elements" will be taken "Down!" Criminals always get caught. There not that smart. They may think so, but their "Not!" "Sovereignty" will start to unravel as more and more "Illegal Activities" come to light. We need to turn the "Heat Up." E-mail, fax, write letters to anyone that will listen, even the ones that you don't think will listen. Bombard them, so they have to listen. It is how its done, "People."...."Eagle Eyes."

Anonymous said...

It's just as important to send emails to those who are not on our side. Let them know we are determined. What happened at Pala shows the tribes haven't learned anything. We need to push an economic sanction at Pala.

Anonymous said...

The first anonymous poster said, "get on with your life, already."

Well, fighting for what is rightfully mine, and my children's against those who wronged us.. IS part of my life. YOU made it so. I was content to be part of the tribe, attending meetings, voting on issues. It was the likes of Jenny Miranda, Andrew Masiel and Butch Murphy, along with members who could only think about rising per capita checks that did us wrong.

Now, I continue to help OP draw attention to what Pechanga has done by sending letters. Remember, representatives come up for a vote every two years. There is lots of reminding to do via letter, fax or email.

And it's not about per capita, because I would have happily took less for rightful people to be in the tribe. Even if the moratorium people were way late signing up, the EC STILL shuffled paper to keep family members out.

And even though they seem like whiny people, the moratorium people still deserve their place in the tribe.

Anonymous said...

And it's not about per capita, because I would have happily took less for rightful people to be in the tribe?


OPechanga said...

One can laugh about that, yet the proof is in the nearly 200 votes against the moratorium (which passed by only 30 votes or so).

And remember, both Manuela Miranda and Hunters on the Enrollment Committee stood up for the Tosobol family. Because it was their right to belong.

Anonymous said...

It's also about being able to vote on what pertains to us. Our lands, the water supply.

Why should a non Indian like Butch Murphy and his issue have a say on our allotted lands?

Anonymous said...

Look at how the crime family benefitted

Unknown said...

Great post. I sure hope something would be done about the unlicensed gambling in an Indian country. While it is difficult to learn poker, it's more difficult to play it with people who don't recognize the law. We sometimes hate it, but sometimes these people offer the best poker tips, however it is not a reason for them not to recognize authority of the law.

Anonymous said...

The government put electricity in all Indian Land to get rid of them. But it fell back on them no more water. Right. They can build other things instead before they lose. Do what's right recognize all descendents.Yep.