Sunday, June 3, 2012

Snoqualmie Tribe Holds Elections. Elects Carolyn Lubenau as Chair. Bodes well for the People.

Congratulations to the Snoqualmie people

The tribal election had 3 times the required quorum for a General Membership meeting "The Snoqualmie Tribe General Council held elections on Saturday, June 2, 2012. 

Elected to council were, Chairwoman Carolyn Lubenau, Council Members, Alan Sanders, Bill T Sweet, Dan Willoughby, Jolene Williams, Kanium Ventura, Marilee Mai, RaeAnn Wahsise, Richard Zambrano, Sharon Frelinger, Alternates, Michele Wood & Nicholas Burley. 

The Tribal Council is working diligently on the transition plan.  We will keep you informed."


Anonymous said...


smokeybear said...

"OUTSTANDING," now make everything right....."Eagle Eyes."

Anonymous said...

Good news! Hopefully other tribes will follow suit!

Anonymous said...

Great to hear, hope all goes well for them now.

Remy said...

Congrats Carolyn! Hope everything moves forward with the BIA. Please keep us informed...

Anonymous said...

Carolyn has worked diligently to get to this point with her tribe.

They have gotten rid of some of the corrupt.

She can be a guiding light for other tribes.


Anonymous said...

BIA has come out and said they will not recognize the new council. After their quote in the Seattle Times saying they didn't care how an election took place as long as the tribe held an election. The General Membership gathered on June 2nd and held elections and the BIA has not acknowledged the new Snoqualmie Council.....

Anonymous said...

Stalemate puts Snoqualmie Tribe at risk of federal takeover

The terms of office have expired for the majority of the members of the Snoqualmie Tribal Council, putting the tribe at an impasse and risking takeover by the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Anonymous said...

This is the second time the BIA has interfered with the Snoqualmie Tribes Government. In 2008 they acknowledged an illegal government over the rightful Chairman.

Stan Speaks, Northwest Region, Regional Director, stated to the Seattle Times the General Membership needed to meet and take their tribe back, which they did on JUNE BIA is saying "STOP --WE CANNOT RECOGNIZE A NEW COUNCIL!" This is the second time the BIA has set the Snoqualmie Tribe up for failure and internal tribal strife.

Why does the BIA continue to recognize an illegal government! The Snoqualmie Tribe currently does not have a legal tribal government. The membership has recalled the Chairman and Secretary for malfeasance of office. ( mal•fea•sance - an act that is legally unjustified, harmful, or contrary to law; wrongdoing) Snoqualmie Tribal council has not held elections for two years or held General Membership meetings in two years, which our constitution requires they do.

The BIA continues to acknowledge an illegal Snoqualmie Tribal Government and won’t accept the rights of the Snoqualmie Tribal Members to gather and elect a new government unless the illegal government acknowledges the new elections? What logic is that…. They are illegal their terms have expired! The Snoqualmie General Membership met, with three times the required quorum to hold a meeting, and voted in a new Tribal Council. We notified the BIA and now they say “OH NO – WE ARE NOT GOING TO RECOGNIZE YOUR NEW COUNCIL!” Your illegal tribal government has a road map that they want to see the tribe follow, which has no date for an election!

BIA needs to recognize the legal council voted by the people on June 2, 2012.

for ALL nations...for ALL chukchansi people said...

hmmm...just like picayune...!!!

Anonymous said...

Protest at the Sacramento Office of Bureau of Indian Affairs on June 14, 2012 at 7:30a.m. Some of us Chukchansi's will be there to Support all of the Natives that are being discriminated against. Please come and bring everyone you can. We want to be there before 8:00am when everyone goes into work.

smokeybear said...

Carolyn, any hint on how the B.I.A. is going to react to your "Election?...Eagle Eyes."

Anonymous said...

I am close to this situation. Please understand that it is not as it appears to be. For example those with the highest level of Snoqualmie blood for the most part are not supporting this Splinter Group. Second, this splinter group held an illegal election according to the requirements of the Snoqualmie Constitution. Third the members must meet the 1/8th blood quantum level in order to BE MEMBERS. Fourth, the first ever full enrollment audit of the Snoqualmie Tribe using the Constitutional requirement of minimum 1/8th Snoqualmie Blood quantum was ordered by the seated Council and is nearly done; fifth, preliminary results of that audit indicate that many of the so called "members" who held this "splinter group" election who are self styling themselves as the "Justice Group" cannot meet the 1/8th blood quantum member requirement so they are trying to preempt the results of the current enrollment audit by Sara Little, an expert genealogist brought in by the Tribe; sixth, the Splinter group has never mentioned their own constitutional requirement for the 1/8th blood quantum requirement and are trying to derail the first real attempt to get rid of white people and other tribal members masquerading as the real 1/8th Snoqualmie; seventh, these assertions above have been legally documented and submitted to the BIA and Stan Speaks; eigth, most of the North West Tribes who know their real family members will have nothing to do with the splinter group or their leaders who are never invited to the real family gatherings of the Northwest Tribes such as the Yakima and many others; ninth,the actions by the splinter group rather than helping the Snoqualmie are endangering the validity of their original recognition;tenth, this situation arose because a critical step of verifying Constitutional compliance of submitted members blood quantum of 1/8th was postponed then eventually never happened until the Sara Little Blood quantum audit; finally eleventh, the BIA is to be congratulated in this instance for its restraint in the face of incredible provocation and pending breakdown of the Snoqualmie Government if the enrollment audit is squelched yet again by people who claim to be Snoqualmie but are unwilling to let a full and complete blood quantum audit be submitted by Sara Little.

My solution. Anyone who claims to be Snoqualmie have them take DNA test to prove it using someone who is proven to be at least 1/8th Snoqualmie or more. My guess is that the Splinter Group would even be less inclined to do that.

I would encourage all Snoqualmie who know their blood lines and their family history to support waiting for the full report by Sara Little of the Constitutionally required enrollment audit using the 1/8th mandatory blood quantum standard. Those people will be the real members and no one else.

Watch this situation very carefully. Non-Snoqualmie are trying to get their hands on the control of the lucrative Snoqualmie Casino by skirting or removing or changing the Snoqualmie Constitutional requirement that mandates that all Snoqualmie Members must have minimum of provable 1/8th Snoquamie Blood. And they have found a Native Attorney to help them steer around this constitutional requirement.

smokeybear said...

Anonymous said: June 10, 2012 5:37 PM.

Is nothing more then a "Load Of Crap." You know you "Illegally Disenrolled" the 9. And, now, you try to disrupt this legal election by your membership with your "Banter!" Accept your "Fate," and get out of the way for them to fix what you "Broke!" Don't you get it? Your "Greed" has been showing for some time. The sitting "Council" falls into the same catigory as "Pechanga, Cuckcansi, Pala, and the rest of you Criminals" that uses "Sovereignty" to rip off your membership. Now your own membership has spoken. "GET IT!!!!! "Eagle Eyes."

Anonymous said...

Snoqualmie tribe held their election yesterday, August 25 @ SiView in North Bend. They finally have a new council that the BIA recognizes. The tribe will now be able to move forward. 8 tribal council seats and 2 alternates seats were elected yesterday. Here is what makes it so great, Every true Snoqualmie family is recognized on the new Snoqualmie tribal council.

Tribal council members elected yesterday:

Lois Sweet Dorman Monahan/ Davis
Melinda Davis Moses
Sunny Clear Monahan/ Davis
Robert De Los Angeles Zachuse
Steve De Los Angeles Zachuse
Rhonda Neufang Mullen
Jake Repin Zachuse
Alisa Burley Zachuse

Tribal Council Alternates:

Margaret Mullen Mullen
Melissa Lynn Strand Monohan/ Davis

Snoqualmie General membership are very pleased with the winners. they finally will have a fair tribal council.

One note: Carolyn Lubenau's daughter won a 4 year term on council.... So we will wait and see what happens with that. We hope she can be impartial and do a great job even though she has no education and doesn't seem to have any length of work experience.

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Anonymous said...

I think the BIA should do an audit on all federally recognized indian tribes. starting today