Sunday, November 18, 2007

Will LA COUNTY PAY FOR VOTES II -Pechanga Corruption

In a previous post, I posted a letter from Ron Andrade who sent it to numerous people on his email list. There is a question as to whether LA County approves of using government e-mail for personal politics. (Is that racketeering? Mail Fraud)

At the Native American Caucus meeting Thursday evening, Ron Andrade shouted at Steve Haze that, it was his PERSONAL EMAIL and "he could invite his friends and anyone he damn well pleased".
Well, that's certainly true he can invite any he pleases. But his email said, "WE" as in "WE WILL BUY YOU DINNER AND PAY for your membership. Here's that portion as posted yesterday:

> We are asking for you to attend the Native American Caucus of the> Democratic party on Friday at 8pm at the Sheraton Park Hotel, Anaheim.> We will pay for your membership and we will provide dinner.

So, is each membership coming out of Andrade's pocket? Or out of COUNTY funds? As the joke goes... Tonto says, "what do you mean WE, Kemo Sabe?"

How did Ron know that all the people he was buying memberships for were Democrats? Does Art Torres know about this? Does Governor Bill Richardson?

I'm sure the County Supervisors will be looking into this. Especially since there are no casinos in Los Angeles county. Speaking of which, WHEN is the TONGVA going to get recognized?

I'll address the Cherokee issue later...

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