Monday, November 5, 2007

Giago: Rep, Watson, Clean up Pechanga First

Tim Giago write in the HUFFINGTON POST:

Congresswoman Watson hails from the mighty State of California. If she had bothered to look around in her own backyard she would have noticed that some of the most notorious actions of disenrollment of tribal members by sitting tribal governments is happening right under her nose. OP: Like Pechanga, which has eliminated 25% of their tribe. Several hundred former members of California tribes have been kicked out in the cold without apparent comment or action by Ms. Watson. Why then is she making herself such a thorn in the side of the people of the Cherokee Nation? I am pretty certain that there are a few thousand Indian people in her own state that wish she would pay attention to their state of disenrollment.


anotherview2 said...

The disenrollees from Pechanga lost their membership because examination of their files showed they lacked the qualifications for membership. Once questioned, the disenrollees could not fill the holes in their information. They never should have been enrolled in the first place. Hence, by removing the unqualified individuals, Pechanga brought its membership makeup closer to conformity with its membership criteria. The disenrollees cannot fool anybody here. They do not belong. The disenrollees must accept their plight, and go on their way.

OPechanga said...

In keeping with the O.J. metaphor, he didn't kill Nicole and Ron because the jury nullification said so.
In the case of the Hunters, there were no holes in the information. The gap was created by the disenrollment committee, who did not used the evidence that proved what they didn't want to see.

Very simple, even for a CPP member to view.