Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Governor say NO to the people's right to vote on Pechanga and Gaming

Governor backs bid to block vote on casino pacts

Sacramento Bureau

Gov. Schwarzenegger has gotten involved in a Coachella Valley tribe's lawsuit seeking to block a public vote on its renegotiated gambling compacts with the state.

This week's filing in Sacramento County Superior Court came as election officials certified Feb. 5 voter referendum measures on casino-expansion deals between the state and four tribes, three of them in Riverside County.
In the filing, Schwarzenegger's top attorney urges a quick resolution of the suit by the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians to avoid the loss of expected compact revenue and the costs of printing additional ballots.

"This, of course, is in addition to the millions of dollars that will be spent by interested parties on a campaign that is likely to be quite divisive and will undoubtedly distract voters from other important issues on the ballot," Andrea Hoch, Schwarzenegger's legal secretary, writes in Monday's brief.

OP: Andrea, what can be more divisive than the PECHANGA tribal council ripping 25% of their people apart from the tribe. Destroying their heritage and accepting hearsay evidence, rather than sworn testimony from those ALIVE with Paulina and concrete evidence from Pechanga's expert?

The tribe's suit argues that its casino compact is exempt from the referendum challenges.

A hearing on the case is scheduled for next week.
Can we pass out flyers at the hearing?

UPDATE: The referenda on the Indian Gaming Compacts have qualified. They will be Props 94 (Pechanga), 95 (Morongo), 96 (Sycuan), and 97 (Agua Caliente). There was a little bit of a debate about these during the E-Board in Anaheim. UNITE-HERE is gearing up to fight these, AS ARE WE!


wiaasal said...

NO ON 94. As we share this with others, we should be carefuland let them now we support other tribes self determination. We oppose Pechanga because they have broken tribal law, and indian civil rights.
NO ON 94.

Anonymous said...

I feel sad this has happened but like in the past when children have been taken off reservation for schooling and is now trying to find their way back just their is no way back home because enrollments just simply never existed. I believe since we were young back in the 1960s things were easier than today since we have casinos families are being torn apart and separated into other villages. This is a true fact. But it will not stop unless casinos are closed down for good because greed has taken over a great deal of the reservations that have family heirlooms. Traditional ways are out of the question when greed stands in the way of ones life. Just be thankful the states don't deny you as Native American. My father has always opposed for casinos and now I see why. It is a shame when one lets greed take over it is just what goes around comes back around this they need to remember. The government still has an upper hand and if we can not stay as a nation together they will find a way where none of us will have any say as to what goes down. We still are the little people trying to reach higher ground just these people need to come down off the high mountain and see the ground as it really is. Denying our people their home lands is a curse soon to take form believe me. They did this back East and not because of casino life. There is a tribe with only one acre of land and that they go once a year to powwow on. You don't believe this can happen keep being for the casino money and see it will happen out here as well. The government has all ways to take what is ours and use it for their own projects and such. Peace needs to be among each of us as a whole unit and not fight among our selves for something that really has no real need for. The government is watching and laughing at how we fight among our selves just for them to take a chance at something we will not be ready for. All because of greed.