Friday, November 23, 2007

PECHANGA: KNBC's "WITHOUT A TRIBE" Disenrollment Story

For my new readers, I want to point out a link to a news story that KNBC in Los Angeles did on our family, the Hunters.

WITHOUT A TRIBE told the story of one segment of the Hunter family, Elder Lawrence Madariaga. This story was explosive, bringing to light the corrupt activities of the Pechanga Council and Disenrollment Committee (There have been few enrollments in a decade, just some quid pro quo additions)

This segment was so popular that KNBC ran it in its entirety the next day. That's 16 minutes of air time in a 90 minute block of news (less commercials).

The Pechanga Chairman Macarro, (who is ancestorally related by marriage to the Hunters) was caught in a lie in the first 15 seconds of his commercial leading up to the broadcast. You will be able to see how shifty-eyed he is, which is indicative of lying in the piece.

One thing to remember: Macarro has spoken on camera many times, given speeches to audiences of thousands and interviews with newspapers, politicians, activists, new clients of the casino. Dr. John Johnson is a scholar, the authority on California's native tribes.
Watch the video and ask yourself: WHICH ONE LOOKED MORE AT EASE on camera? Was it the chairman, or Dr. Johnson? The one with lies behind him, or truth? Please leave your comments at the KNBC site and rate the video. You can help get a second story aired closer to the election.

Bloggers, please link to this blog. You will help hundreds of us.


PHunter said...

Please remember to include the Moratorium people in your calculations of how many Pechanga people have been damaged. There are almost 400 caught up in their illegal moratorium.
Now add the Manuela Miranda family and you are looking at 700 people (not including spouses).

Pechanga is causing more harm to Indians than the white man. Of course, as Macarro would say, it's "NO BUSINESS of the WHITE Man"

Well, then, neither is giving your vote for Pechanga expansion.

OPechanga said...

There were also members of the Hunters and Manuelas in the moratorium as well as other families.
Disenrollment committee chair Bobbie Lemere got some of her family in, even though families like the Rios had waited decades.

OPechanga said...

It was Pechanga's Tribal Council that allowed our civil rights to be violated.
Additionally, they covet our land, which was given to us by President McKinley.

Wielding sovereignty like a club, and hiding behind it like a scared little girl.

Each act of violation, will make it easier for a judge to vote against them. Each thief that gets fired from the casino, will make it easier for customers to go elsewhere.

PHunter said...

This video is an outstand record of what Pechanga is capable of. Denial of civil rights, treating the elders, in a cruel manner.