Thursday, November 22, 2007

Tribal Gaming Expansions

This story is heating up. You have

1. 4 tribes that want to triple their slot machine totals.
2. A Governator that does NOT want the people to vote on this.
3. The Gov and Tribes are touting 9 Billion in fees to state over 17 years, which WON'T balance the budget. And the fox guarding the henhouse.
4. Unions and Racetracks that are against it.
5. Disenrolled members of tribes who lost their heritage fighting back.
6. Civil Rights attorneys getting in on the act.
7. A new blogger in this arena, me.

The story is a good one. The Democrats don't know who to back in this one. And for sure, nobody in power cares about the 3,000 Native Americans in CA that have been booted from their tribes, violated civil rights.

Here are some sites to look at: (which details ALL tribal disenrollments in CA)

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