Friday, March 3, 2017

THE VOICE of AMERICA on Disenrollment: Cecily Hilleary Reporting on the Destruction in Native America

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The Voice of America, one of the largest news organizations in the WORLD, reports on the tribal disenrollment epidemic.   I am grateful to be quoted in the article.

“They have desecrated the memory of our ancestors,” Cuevas said. “The Pechanga tribal chairman has ripped our history from us, without evidence. And yet his ancestor, back in the day, called my ancestor ‘Aunt.’”

FUNNY, MACARRO will NEVER mention this. Nor the fact that he's keeping his OWN cousins out of the tribe......

Rick Cuevas, Original Pechanga Blogger with
his ancestor Paulina Hunter who was disenrolled
107 years after her death, by a corrupt Tribal Council
                                   (Photo: Iliana Cuevas)

Disenrollment is an epidemic in reservations across Indian country. Cuevas tracks these cases on his Original Pechanga website: So far, 11,000 Indians have been exiled from dozens of tribes. In one of the more extreme cases, tribal members living off California’s tiny Elem Pomo colony attempted to disenroll every Elem Pomo Indians living on the colony – among them, the last living speaker of the Elem Pomo language.

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