Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Chinook Tribe Seeks Justice and Recognition

After decades of efforts, and broken federal promises, the Chinook Indian Nation was granted formal recognition in 2001. Eighteen months later, this decision was reversed by the administration of George W Bush.

In addition to opposition from the BIA, the Chinook have been opposed by other tribes, particularly the Quinault, who were instrumental in overturning the short-lived 2001 recognition.

Please sign this petition and share.

Chinook Petition for Recognition

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White Buffalo said...

You know I used to get very upset about all the party bashing that people do. I think that now I feel that there is no one party that is better than another. It's about influence, money, and access that is what gets agendas and interest met. The common person has no poser, so why bother. For the disenrolled our banishment is something similar to the creation of the reservations our ancestors were put on. They lost their lives, freedoms, and way of life. They our ancestors struggled on in the best way they could to preserve our history through the coming generations through family and community. Now we disenrolled are lock out of our place, identity, and culture. Although we have not suffered as much in the physical sense, we have and are suffering in a way that is less easily to see. I speak these words to hopefully uplift those who know this pain. Remember in your spirit you live and you have an identify that can never be taken away. There is a creator this creator has made a provision for your soul so seek him out, for there is only one true way to salvation. In Jesus name I pray and trust. Amen