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No Honest Elections At Pala Say Some Britten Descendents: Does Robert Smith Conduct SELECTIONS vs. ELECTIONS?

I occasionally post some information that aggrieved tribal members would like people to know. 

In this case, it's about the voting, which could be unconstitutional.  Again, the BIA should have some involvement in protecting the rights of tribal members.


There has not been an honest election at Pala since Robert Smith took control of the Pala Band of Mission Indians (PBMI). Instead of elections Robert Smith conducts selections. He picks and chooses who he wants to serve as his Executive Committee.

The process of choosing a Selection Committee is in itself flawed. Nominations for the Selection Committee are taken then each person is voted on in a single vote. The Selection Committee is then chosen by descending vote rather than popular vote. It is possible for a person receiving as little as 4 votes to serve on the Selection Committee. As long as the lowest vote getter is in the top 5 they are considered elected to the Selection Committee.

There are so many ways to cheat in the Pala Elections it makes it easy to see that the Elections have transformed into Selections. Most of all it is easy to see that many of the Selection Committee members are easily corrupted. Some have been rewarded with golf jaunts. One in particular was documented with photographic evidence of a trip to Carmel on the Tribe’s NetJet.

So powerful is the Selection Committee (those chosen by Robert Smith) that one Selection Committee chairman was given the position after he covered up Robert Smith’s disgraceful action of urinating in one of the hallways at the Pala Casino. The video tape of the event was destroyed and the other security person that was witness to the event was fired from her job. That witness did provide several tribal members with a signed affidavit attesting to the event.

After the event, the other security officer, a member of PBMI, was publicly promised that he would be rewarded by being selected as the next chairman of the Selection Committee.
He was selected and yes he did make critical selection decision favoring Robert Smith. In the two years that this individual served as chairman of the Selection Committee everyone in the Pala Village was confident and convinced that Robert Smith had lost the Selection. In one challenge of the Selection Robert Smith gave complete authority to the Selection Committee chairman to determine the victor in a contest where Robert Smith had obviously lost. The Selection Committee chairman determined and declared Robert Smith the victor.

Absentee Ballots provide the greatest opportunity for the Selection Committee to cheat. It used to be that Absentee Ballots were confidential and the name of the voter was not available to the Selection Committee. Under Robert Smith, each return envelope bears the name of the voter so the Selection Committee now knows how that individual votes. This process denies voters the right to privacy. It was also just learned that family groups receive different colored ballots. Since many families vote similarly this makes it easier for the Selection Committee to isolate those votes and declare those ballots as spoiled.

The Selection Committee also has the authority to determine which ballots are spoiled. If a ballot is determined to be spoiled it is not counted. Spoiled ballots are determined by Robert Smith supporters while other Selection Committee members are not allowed to see and verify that the ballot is indeed spoiled. A write in vote for Mickey Mouse for chairman is considered a spoiled ballot. This causes other votes on the same ballot not to be counted.

In one election a Selection Committee member has publicly stated on several occasions that Robert Smith had lost the election by more than 80 votes. The Selection Committee majority was ready to declare the victor in that election when a non-committee member entered the count room and dumped several ballots on the table and told the Selection Committee to count the ballots. When members of the Selection Committee objected they were told to shut up and count ballots until Robert Smith wins. This was done and Robert Smith was declared the winner.

There are several accounts of Robert Smith buying votes. Cash, drugs and alcohol is all it takes for many of the Pala Villagers to surrender their vote to Robert Smith. It is disgraceful that so many Pala people have sold their votes to Robert Smith. It would be better if they just did not vote at all. Yes Robert Smith is now in deny, deny, deny mode but many of you know that this is true and many of you know that you did in fact sell your vote for a little bit of pleasure.

One of the requirements for being nominated to run for office at Pala is that you must be present to be nominated. There are absolutely no exceptions. Robert Smith was not present for nominations one time but Nikki Freeman accepted the nomination for him. This was illegal according to the rules of Pala but the people objecting to his nomination were shouted down and Robert Smith’s name went on the ballot for that year. Of course he won. He was Selected.

The latest tactic used by Robert Smith is to send out a turkey bonus just before the election. It is such an obvious buy of votes everyone in the Village should be embarrassed. It does work and it does garner many votes for Robert Smith. What people really don’t understand is that people sell their votes for their own money. Those bonuses don’t come out of Robert Smith’s pockets. The money comes out of the money accounts of the tribe. It is that simple, you sell your vote for your own money. The question is why is Robert Smith determining when bonuses go out and not the tribe?

Probably the most significant village rumor of today is that Robert Smith is in the process of selecting his Executive Committee. It is a royal ass kissing comparable to an appearance before the “Godfather”. As the story goes Robert Smith is done with Howard Maxcy and Theressa Villa and he is actively seeking their replacements. Howard Maxcy is so busy golfing he is not there to cover Robert’s ass when he needs it most. Theressa Villa was neutered and useless from the day she was first elected. Robert Smith is facing challenges he has never faced before and he needs a new team. A team that will do whatever he wants without question.

Does this mean that Robert Smith is done with the Maxcy family altogether? It probably does. It also doesn’t matter that the Maxcy’s now represent the majority vote in the Village. Robert can fix that too in the same way he took away the Britten vote. Theressa Villa is a Trujillo/Britten and that is just too close to the enemy for comfort. Theressa will soon learn that all that ass-kissing and betrayal of family was for naught.

Nominations for Selection will be made at the next PBMI meeting. We will soon know who the Robert Smith Selections will be. They are free to begin celebrating from the moment they are nominated because Robert Smith will guarantee them Selection.

If this is not true then why have all of the Selection result parties begun before the outcome of the Selections are announced? So confident are the selected Selection winners they even went to Las Vegas one year to celebrate even before the polling place was closed.

A very special note to the Pala Villagers. Pala Interactive has been reported to be doing quite well with a 25% increase in players. This has to translate into big profits for Pala Interactive and for PBMI. Pala Interactive revenues are not subject to the Revenue Allocation Plan so 100% of the earnings can be distributed as a bonus to the membership. Now that is what I call a bonus. You want it? You are the General Council so just make it so. 
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