Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Grande Ronde Tribes Want to TWIST THE DISENROLLMENT KNIFE in the NECKS of Disenrolled: FOR SPEAKING OUT.

The DESPICABLE Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde in Oregon are accusing the descendants of a historic leader and their attorneys of using the media to influence a disenrollment dispute. 

IF you are going to abuse people OWN it you assholes.

From Indianz.com article:

Only a few outlets covered a September 1 tribal court decision that upheld the removal of 86 people from the rolls. Yet the tribe's attorneys want the descendants of Chief Tumulth, who signed the 1855 Willamette Valley Treaty, and the Galanda Broadman law firm to be held in contempt for allegedly violating a gag order in the case.

"Petitioners should be ordered to cease and desist from publishing the parties briefings and otherwise using the media in attempt to influence matters on appeal," tribal attorneys said in a court filing that was posted by Turtle Talk.  OP:  Translation:  We don't care about the 1st Amendment.

Turtle Talk is operated by the Indigenous Law and Policy Center at Michigan State University College of Law. The blog regularly posts filings and documents from a wide range of tribal, federal and state court cases across the nation but otherwise is not involved in the dispute.

As purported evidence, a screenshot from the Facebook page of Gabe Galanda, a principal at the law firm, shows links to posts about the dispute from Turtle Talk, Last Real Indians and Indianz.Com.

"Even if petitioners were to disclaim responsibility for the initial posting of the briefs on Turtle Talk, the willful re-posting of the article and link by Mr. Galanda violates the court’s September 18th order," the tribal attorneys said, citing a September 2014 gag order in the case.
Indianz.Com's September 2 story was based on information submitted by Mia Prickett, a spokesperson for the descendants being disenrolled, and on documents from the tribe's publicly accessible document repository. Neither Prickett, nor anyone from Galanda Broadman, has supplied briefs to Indianz.Com.

Last Real Indians, whose writers have spoken out against disenrollment, also has not published any briefs. Turtle Talk's two most recent posts on the subject, dated September 4 and September 2, appear to be the only place on the Internet where briefs filed in Grande Ronde court can be found.

Read more: http://indianz.com/News/2015/018832.asp

Here are some links to the paperwork...

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