Wednesday, September 2, 2015

CUPA NEWS #4: Stand up For WHAT IS RIGHT! Don't Let Ancestors be Disrespected

(People who sleep In the Water)

Descendants from Warners:

Our grandparents and parents went through a lot of hardship when they lost their land at Warners.

Are we going to sit back and let non-descendants do this to us again? Remember, the 1100 acres is our new home land.  Don’t let this happen again!

The agenda for the next tribal meeting wants to evict two descendants. For what reason?  These two meet the requirements for enrollment and have been illegally dis-enrolled.  How disrespectful to our ancestors! What law have they broken?

The agenda is signed by Howard Maxcy Jr. He is also the one who signed the agenda when it was voted on to take away meeting and voting privileges for these two.  Is Robert throwing Howard under the bus again?

We descendants better open our eyes and take back control of this land now! We need to become the majority vote at all General Council meetings.

As hopeless as it seems at times, our fight is right here so we need to take control of the non-descendants rule by becoming the majority vote. The Chairman is not concerned with our rights. He relies on non-descendants to gain the power he now has.

Our Articles, which is the foundation of our Constitution, states that membership is based on descendants from the evictees of Warners, Kupa, San Felipe, and Puerta la Cruz. We descendants must be an example to out upcoming youth. All eligible descendants must go to all General Council meeting and take control of the votes.


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