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PALA Tribal Abuse: The TRUTH About The HISTORY of ROBERT SMITH, As Told By the Brittain Descendants. Sovereignty Does NOT MAKE IT RIGHT.

Since 2011 some 165 Pala people have been fighting for their rights to belong in the tribe.  Our comment section are filled with some Pala buffoons laughing at the hardships the disenrolled are now facing.  Some can only take so much.   I've received a letter detailing the history of current tribal chairman Robert Smith, the porcine leader of the Pala Band of Indians. It details HIS family's history.  
Many are tired of being told "YOU DON'T BELONG" by leaders, know..."DON'T BELONG".   The Nooksack 306 faced disenrollment by a leader whose family was ADOPTED into the tribe.  Pechanga has two adopted members in the council, that led to the disenrollment of actual blood members, proven via their own written and oral records.   

Here is the letter detailing the history of Robert Smith.  I will gladly print his response.

It is time that everyone learns the real truth about the history of Robert Smith and his family history. Robert Smith comes from the Moro and Blacktooth families.

Let’s look at his particular ties to the Moro family. Understand that there is a real division in the Moro families and most do have strong ties to Warner Springs and the Cupeño tribe. Robert Smith does not. He is the progeny of Adolfo Moro who was the father of Domingo Moro.

Who is Adolfo Moro?

Adolfo Moro was from Northern California and was at least half Spanish and reported to be half Indian.  No one really knows where his alleged Indian blood comes from. So we can safely say that Adolfo Moro was not a Cupeño Indian.

Adolfo then had his son Domingo Moro. Who is Domingo Moro? Domingo Moro was a Citizen Indian who gave up his rights and all entitlement as an Indian person when he perfected an Indian Homestead at Warner’s Ranch adjacent to Warner Springs. That is why Domingo Moro was not allotted at Pala.

He was a Citizen Indian and ineligible to receive an allotment. It also meant that his children were not eligible to receive allotments either but through the usual government misdealings at Pala his daughters were finally allotted at Pala. That is why they appear as allottees 159 and 160 near the end of the list of Pala Allottees. Understand that Domingo Moro held title to almost 140 acres of land at Warner’s Ranch and therefore he was not considered a landless Indian and neither were his children. The allotments to his children were illegal under the law. 

From a letter to the Indian Agent at Pala November 25, 1918.

Dear Mr. Wadsworth:
In response to your letter of the 18th, concerning Domingo Moro, you are advised that he is a fee patent Indian; his fee patent, dated Oct. 29, 1908, covers Lot 1 and NE ¼   and NE ¼ Sec. 25 and Lot 4 and SE ¼ and SE ¼ Sec. 24 in T. 10 S. R. 3 E. S.B.M., containing 138.52 acres. His name appears on no census. *** his name was dropped from the census when he became a citizen by virtue of the fee patent cited above.

Domingo Moro sold his land for $20,000 to the owner of the Citrus Soap Co. That probably made him the richest Indian in California at that time.

How did Domingo Moro acquire these lands? 

A little known fact. In 1901 after the decision against the Warner’s Ranch Indians was issued, the United States:
In reply to your inquiry of this date, the records of this office show that Sections 24 and 25 *** was reserved for Indian purposes by letter “G” June 22, 1901.”

What did this mean to the Cupeño People and the People of Warner Springs? It meant they did not have to move to Pala. All they had to do was abandon their homes and move adjacent to the Hot Springs where they could build new homes. The land was fed by the Agua Caliente Creek so there was substantial water.

So why didn’t they do this? Why was Domingo Moro the only one to file for lands within these Sections so designated by the United States?  Simply because he never shared the information with any of the other Indians. No one else knew that the lands were opened for Indian entry.

Domingo Moro endeared himself to the United States Government which allowed him to get the best government jobs and gain control over the People without the permission of the People.

There was a very significant event which is telling in history.  Why does Robert Smith hate the Pala Store so much? It is a family thing.
Domingo Moro and Henry Smith wanted to open a store on Pala but they were denied their Traders License because Domingo Moro was no longer an Indian and Henry Smith was white man. After being denied their license they began developing documents to show that Henry Smith was from Mesa Grande and at least ¼ Indian. The BIA agents could never prove this but relied upon affidavits from various people close to the Moro family. The BIA finally issued Domingo Moro and Henry Smith a Traders License.    OP:  WHY do we hear about Mesa Grande when it comes to dealings with the BIA? That's where the family of  current chairman ALLAN LAWSON is supposedly from?  Although his ancestor said they were NOT INDIAN.

Then it begins. They opened their store but they did not have the business savvy to compete with the store operated by Reyes Freeman. After a series of negative incidents they finally closed the store. There was one report of how Henry Smith had barricaded himself in the store and was beating his wife, Annie Smith, with a club. The police had to intervene.

The short and simple answer is that Robert Smith can not make any claim to Indian from his father’s side because there is no Indian.

There are only a few things to be said about his Blacktooth family because they are still a respected family and don’t deserve any disregard or callousness because of Robert Smith.

Robert Smith’s grandmother was Innocence Blacktooth. She identified herself as being a San Felipe Indian. She was the mother of Marie Smith. The birth records for Marie Smith show that her father is unknown. According to Robert Smith’s interpretation of public records you must assume White if the father is unknown.  Using Robert Smith’s rules, both of his grandfathers were White men.

It has to be finally determined that Robert Smith is a San Felipe Indian and has no interest in Warner Springs at all. This helps to explain why Robert Smith did not buy Warner Springs for $9,000,000 when he had the chance. True. The final asking price in front of Robert Smith was only $9,000,000. Remember the Band authorized Robert to spend up to $25,000,000 to buy Warner Springs. The truth be known Robert has no interest in buying Warner Springs. He just uses Warner Springs as a means to taunt the People of Warner Springs and taking advantage of their hopes.

This was not the first time Robert Smith killed a deal to buy Warner Springs. Cal Rossi offered to sell the Band, in 1991, Warner Springs for $8,000,000 with terms. It was a no brainer. Robert Smith killed the deal. Sorry Robert, but your San Felipe blood is showing.

Robert Smith, at every turn claims victory in the Margarita Brittain case. There is no victory because the facts have never been before a court because of Sovereign Immunity. This simply means you cannot challenge the actions of a tribe no matter how wrong or egregious their decisions might be. There is no challenging the facts. 

So think about it. If Robert Smith is so sure of his facts then what is he afraid of that he has to hide under the skirt of Lady Sovereignty. Why is Robert Smith afraid to have a court look at his facts? The answer is simple. Other than his hatred for the Pala Store and the Brittain family, he has no FACTS. You are a loser Robert and much worse you are a coward. Man up Robert and let’s go to court with your facts. We will gladly meet you there with ours. We are sure we will win. Apparently you are sure you will lose. Robert Smith, the White man. We have the facts. You got nothing.

You know what is truly funny is that you cannot stand to call King Freeman King because in your mind that would make him a greater man than you. He may be Reyes to you but he is still our King.

Respectfully the Britten Family
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