Thursday, April 9, 2015

NATIVE AMERICANS: Use All the Arrows in the Quiver, to FIGHT FOR OUR RIGHTS.

I've been having discussions with many separate tribal groups and it seems like only a FEW people are working to obtain results.   I hear from MY family all the time, WHY won't someone DO something?  I say, WHY WON'T YOU?     We need more people from all tribes that have been harming their people to stay involved, keep the greased wheel squeaky.    We can have victories, I've proven that with a Washington DC visit.   But the pressure needs to stay on the politicians and that means using our number.    I stole this saying from our friend from Pala:

Letters, Faxes, phone calls, Tweets, Shares, emails are ALL ARROWS in our quiver.   We all have TIME and we should be putting it to good use.   They have deep pockets, but we have a righteous cause.  Let's pressure our politicians to DO the RIGHT THING.
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