Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Mark Macarro Sets Up STRAWMAN in Television Interview on Pechanga Disenrollment

By exaggerating, misrepresenting or just fabricating someone's argument, as Pechanga chairman Mark Macarro does here, in his interview with KNBC's Colleen Williams. It is much easier to present his position as being reasonable

Here in a discussion of Paulina Hunter descendants, he tries to shift the discussion from a family with ties to the reservation, by blood, since its inception, to the casino.  The majority of Hunters have a lower enrollment number than Macarro himself.  Watch

Hear is the response to that:

Total B.S. as it applies to Hunters. Paulina Hunter, whose ties to the reservation were cemented by testimony of fellow Pechanga people, who KNEW PAULINA HUNTER in the 19th century, disprove this strawman argument.  Hunters have lives on the reaervation for decades before Macarro was born.

What Macarro doesn't say, is that there are NON Pechanga blood on his own tribal council, right Butch Murphy?
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