Sunday, April 19, 2015

Instant KARMA 2.0 : Disenrolling Casino Tribe The NOOKSACK's CASINO May Close, Following Chukchansi Casino Closure, ALSO a Disenrolling Tribe

The Nooksack River Casino’s days could be numbered, pending a ruling in Whatcom County Superior Court later this year.  This would follow on the heels of a shutdown of the Chukchansi Gold Casino, also a disenrolling tribe's casino late last year.   Disenrollment is BAD FOR BUSINESS.  If those tribes will cheat their own people, won't they cheat their customers?  Their lenders?

 Since at least 2011, the Nooksack Business Corporation an entity owned by the Nooksack Indian Tribe, has tried to shirk its responsibility to pay back about $15 million in loans it obtained from now-defunct BankFirst in 2006.    PAYBACK?  PAYBACK?  We don't need no stinkin' payback, right, we are sovereign..

The loan stipulates that Outsource could go after gaming machines and the furnishings inside the casino, along with enterprise accounts, but otherwise is limited. Likewise, the corporation argued that if the casino were to close tomorrow, Outsource could go only after those few items.
“If we close the casino and turn over all the property, then it’s done,” Martin said.  To which we say:
NOW we know the real reason they want to DISENROLL the Nooksack 306: TO SAVE MONEY. It's a business decision, not about BLOOD, not about the RIGHT TO BELONG.

NOOKSACK CHEATERS: In 2012 when Outsource tried to get the tribe’s other casino, Northwood, which was then Northern Crossings, to cough up roughly $26 million it had borrowed from a different bank to design and build the casino, the tribe dissolved its ownership entity Nooksack Business Corp. II and transferred all that casino’s assets to another entity, court documents allege.

“That’s why we’re pushing for a judgment, so we get protections,” Miranowski argued. “The tribe was very bold to simply dissolve the Crossings corporate entity and transfer to another one not subject to the judgment.”

Is there ANY way to get GOOD KARMA BACK?  ANYONE...?   ANYONE?

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