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In February and March we wrote about the issue at Shingle Springs.  Now, here are the details as provided to me by members disenrolled.   It looks like the tribal council didn't take ALL the evidence available into account and they used only what was needed to selectively disenroll one family.     This is a painful reminder that the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians did the same to our family, ignoring the report their own hired expert did for them.

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You can find their court filing here:    Cook Family Appeal Documents

Mass Tribal Disenrollment at Shingle Springs Band of Miwok Indians

On January 7, 2014, the Cook Family received the devastating news they were being suspended as members of the Shingle Springs Band of Miwok Indians recommended by the Enrollment Committee and enacted by the Tribal Council.  A total of 138 family members were being questioned of their lineal heritage to their ancestors who were named on a BIA Census.  On March 7, 2014 the Cook Family were disenrolled from the Tribe and stripped of their rights and citizenship.

The severity of disenrollment by the Tribe was demoralizing. To be stripped of our heritage, identity, as well as rights, takes a lifetime to overcome for such a traumatic event.  The Family had been part of the Tribe for decades.  Growing up and being told you are Miwok Indian and belong to a Tribe offers stability in your heritage and culture.  To be disbanded from the tribal land, caused confusion and uncertainty to the Family. The elders were stricken with grief of their ancestors lineage while the younger generation questioned the entire situation and understood they were no longer with a Tribe.  This also caused them to question their future.

The Cook Family was banished from all tribal entities for program services.  Their rights to receive health care and social services was abruptly interrupted.  Certain family members had serious health conditions which placed them at risk and were forced to seek other medical services.  In some instances, their services were delayed pending approval.  We continue to find there are limited services available to us.
While the Tribe manages the TANF program in the area and the Family is banned from all tribal entities, we cannot receive emergency social and health services to survive. To say the least, we are upholding our rent leases and car payments with difficulty.  Any extra curricula programs for the children has also stopped. Family members were treading down roads of success by receiving services offered by the Tribe; GED classes, cultural involvement, etc.  Now that members have been disenrolled from the Tribe, they now experience road blocks of accomplishments.

Family members who worked for the Tribe were greatly impacted by the decision of the Enrollment Committee to  disenroll them.  Some members held positions for a lengthy period of time and decided to work for the Tribe.  However, their decision backfired on them after holding long term positions with previous employers.  Family members struggle to find employment outside of the Tribe. When Family members seek employment and attend job interviews, we are scrutinized of why we were terminated from our job because employers do not understand Indian country and its membership.  It doesn't make sense to add more people to the unemployment line when there is a hiring preference of employment with a Tribe.

Upon receiving disenrollment notices, the Family was informed their status as Native American citizens will remain as a way of the Tribe showing some remorse for their decision.  Unfortunately, this is not enough as most program services require you to be affiliated with a recognized tribe.

 Again, the Family's rights have been taken away as Indian people.

The Shingle Springs Band of Miwok Indians is located in Northern Ca east of Sacramento. The Tribe was formerly known as the Verona Band of Homeless Indians and was federally recognized in 1920 and reorganized in the 1970s.

Based on the evidence of lineal heritage provided by the Family, we believe we have the proof necessary to remain as tribal members. Our Family submitted an appeal to the Tribe's Tribal Court, and continue to experience the shock and tremors of such a decision and question will justice be given.

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