Sunday, May 25, 2014

50 Democrat Senators Think REDSKINS Nickname is MORE Important that Tribes That Harm Their OWN PEOPLE via Apartheid, Disenrollment and Theft of Per Capita.

50 Senators of the Democratic Party, including California's own Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein, recently signed a two page letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell asking him to use the recent NBA/Donald Sterling controversy to get the Washington Redskins to drop their team name.

REALLY SENATORS? ;You grab the low hanging fruit of a nickname controversy versus those that you have repeatedly ignored?

Sen. Boxer IGNORES the issues of water rights theft by the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians   of Temecula CA. ;In fact, she SPONSORED this Apartheid practicing tribe's attempt to steal water from reservation allottees.

Senators, the Chukchansi Tribe of Fresno has eliminated 60% of their tribe, turning of the heat to homes and stripping the citizenship of original language speakers.

The REDDING RANCHERIA forced a family to disinter their ancestor for a DNA test PROVING their ancestry with NO REASONABLE DOUBT, yet still eliminated the family of their FIRST chairman.

The stories are numerous here on this blog and on other sites.  YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS thinking the Redskins controversy is worthy of your entry.

LOOK AT INDIAN COUNTRY FIRST.   Tell the NCAI to GET SERIOUS on their OWN membership.
LOOK for JUSTICE for Native Americans that have LOST their citizenship via disenrollment, while YOU have turned you back.
RETURN their campaign contributions for those that have harmed their children and their elders.

The LIST IS GROWING SENATORS, under YOUR WATCH, while your grandstand for publicity on a football team's NICKNAME........GET SERIOUS.
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