Friday, May 31, 2013

The Chukchansi Lament: What Has Tribal Gaming Wrought? Disenrollment, Elder Abuse and Human Rights Violations.

From the Facebook page of Chukchansi Prci.  Disenrollments, Violence, Elder Abuse and Civil and Human Rights abuses from corrupt Tribal Councils. Certainly NOT the Indian Way.

Sometimes it is hard to understand what is going on with our Tribe. (Greed), Rightful members,
Kick them Out, Allotment’s, Distributes, Special Relations, Petitioners,  They don’t know us, wrong color of skin, hair etc., DNA, Banned, sanctioned, sanctioned for 100 years, banned for life, on the wrong side of the hill, the fence and it goes on and on.

It was not this way, until the casino was standing!

Late 2002, we started taking applications for the casino. At that time there were close to 18 Tribal Members working for a company called (Cascade Entertainment), they were to see over “our tribe’s” big adventure, (ChukchansiGold) and Resort.

The times were good, and then one day, we got a check for close to $8,000.00 dollars. I remembered it well, I ran through the house screaming, I bought all of the things I thought I needed, and bought everyone that was close to nice stuff.

Then we had big parties for Christmas, Easter, even Thanksgiving. I had a nice job, I was married, had a car, even two now, and rented a condo in a gated community.

Then “we” started receiving monthly checks, they would just show up in our accounts like magic, they got bigger, and sometimes if we would meet with the tribe, they would give us more monies.

We got money for just being a direct descendent of a great, great, great grandfather, or grandmother. Our constitution said “even if we were “lineal descendant”, meaning, and forever great’s.

Today, we stand so far from one another though. I do not care if it were greed, power, and fear. Just the fact is we do not stand for much other than a tribe of fools. Do not perceive this wrong; we all want what is best for the tribe as a whole…right? In our case there are too many Chiefs and we are killing our own Indians, so we don’t even have enough Indians. Do you feel Indians today, is it when you look in the mirror and see, dark hair, dark eyes, a tattoo saying you are, bead work, a tribal card, one card from the Bureau Of Indian Affair’s, you know the ones that gave us land that they took away.

Told us where to stand and for how long.

There… now follow me; This war is not about who looks Indian, speaks Indian. No this war started the day “they stepped on our shores, and if you listen with your ears to the ground, they are here to get gold, and that they do. They have taught us many things, and most of it is of the bad world.

They taught us to love money, they taught us to colonize, become civilized, don’t use a knife to kill, use this Atomic bomb. They taught us to hate one another; they poisoned our food, our minds our animals our birds of the sky, our hearts and souls. It is just not the white man, first we fought off many, different lands other than where the white man comes from.

Our ignorance of listing to the wind, calling upon the Creator, has dissipated like dew from the tall lilies in the fields. We are no longer, we do not know who we are anymore, some say, his tongue is sick, yes this person who speaks these things does not know my heart. Then I ask you to stop and ask yourself, how does your soul feel right  now?   Did you really think? If you heard, I do not feel well, you are on the red road to recovering our souls back, and then the trek starts.

See you in a while, I will fix this
Cordially Yours, Bridge Walker


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