Monday, October 18, 2010

Pechanga Tribe Stymies Legal Process in Lawsuit

UPDATE:   The NCTIMES agrees that Pechanga Tribe deserves a raspberry for their childish behavior in not accepting the service of the lawsuit:

The 'Are You Being Served?' award
A raspberry to the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians for not allowing a process server on tribal land to formally serve them with a suit filed by the city of Temecula.

If they look like punk-ass bitches, act like punk-ass bitches, sound like punk-ass bitches, what does that make the Pechanga Council?

The city of Temecula hit an early hurdle with its lawsuit against the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians: The tribe won't allow a process server to enter the reservation to formally serve the suit, city officials said Wednesday.

Mayor Jeff Comerchero said he's been briefed on the situation and he said the city plans to continue to make every attempt to serve the tribe.  OP:  Might I suggess ZABASEARCH for the tribal councils's addresses?  Mark Macarro DOES NOT LIVE ON the reservation and is not in CA much of the time.

If the tribe ultimately succeeds in stymieing the city's process server, however, Comerchero said there are other options.

"We go into the court and demonstrate that (the difficulty in serving the tribe), and that should suffice," he said.  OP:  That is correct, Joe Liska has similar problems and was able to get the court to have the summons served.  The Pechanga Tribal Council, including the tyrant Mark Macarro were forced into court.

The city filed a lawsuit in federal court this month to force the Pechanga tribe to put together an environmental report that documents how new slot machines at the tribe's casino have affected the city's costs for road improvements and police service.
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