Sunday, May 23, 2010

Dry Creek Rancheria Votes to OUST Harvey Hopkins Due to Disenrollment of True Members. IS Pechanga's Macarro NEXT?

Members of the Dry Creek Rancheria voted Saturday to recall Council Chairman Harvey Hopkins, a move that would strip him of his leadership role in the tribal government as well as its profitable River Rock Casino.

We discussed the disenrollment issues that Dry Creek had in 2009 and look what's happened. The tribe was able to muster enough votes to oust Harvey. A difference with Pechanga, is that the tribal council, led my Mark "El Corrupto" Macarro, is that they were able to eliminate enough votes to remain safely ensconsed in power. Imagine that, you'd think it was by design, wouldn't you.

But she said the major reason was Hopkins’ repeated challenges to individuals and their tribal membership despite an audit of tribal rolls completed last year. The issue was particularly important when it came to those nominated to serve on various government committees, Nojima said.

“People are scared to run for office or scared to speak up in a meeting, because who knows if their membership is going to be questioned? That was one of the reasons why we did the recall,” Nojima said.

“The numbers kind of speak for themselves,” Pina said. “However, there’s also a number of people who have voted three different times to elect him chairman.”
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