Sunday, May 23, 2010

Death at Pechanga Hotel Kept Quiet for Two Weeks.

The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department is investigating the death of a Wildomar man who was found in a stairwell at the Pechanga Hotel in Temecula, but a spokesman said Friday the initial information indicates he died from an accident. Interesting that it's been TWO WEEKS and there was NO news coming from the Riverside Press Enterprise on this matter. Do they not scan the emergency frequencies?

Christopher P. Olsen, 24, was pronounced dead at the Rancho Springs Medical Center about 3:45 a.m. May 10, according to a coroner’s report. He died about 90 minutes after he arrived at the Murrieta hospital.

According to the report, Olsen was found unresponsive in stairwell of hotel and was transported to the hospital. An autopsy was performed and determined cause of death to be multiple blunt force traumatic injuries and the manner of death is pending further investigation, the report states.

Sgt. Joe Borja said the initial information indicated that Olsen death was an accident and that he had fallen down some stairs at the hotel. He was with a group of friends at the hotel, Borja said, but apparently alone at the time he fell. At this point, Borja said, the investigation is not considered a criminal case.

No, of course not. Would it be considered criminal if it were at Soboba?

Borja said he did know why the report of the death was announced Friday, two weeks after the incident.


Anonymous said...

You know they have cameras in those stairwells...or is that where the gaurds go now to beat people?...maybe he won a big jackpot???

Anonymous said...

the camera was off,,,maybe a disenrolled or moratorium person.

devils play ground ,message from the great spirit!

Anonymous said...

Nothing from the Press Enterprise or Victor Rocha? Is there a blackout on bad news?

Anonymous said...

Protection of advertising revenue from Pechanga is a big influence on what gets processed as "news".

A death of a local man who probably wasn't a guest of the hotel injured in the hotel stairwell that you have to show your room key to get into.. isn't news.

The death of a young man who "possibly" could have been intoxicated at the nightclub up high, then accesses the staircase where he fell, then DIED, isn't news.

Check out the huge news reported by the Press enterprise: school lunch program for summer; boating accident; earthquake drill...

Phil Cuevas said...

Why WOULD they report something like this in a timely manner?

Doesn't everyone know,
"What happens at Pechanga.... IS NONE OF ANYONES BUSINESS!"

Anonymous said...

Or as Macarro has been quoted:

"No business of the White Man!"

Anonymous said...

He was a guest a the hotel..trapped in the stairwell and died accidentally while they waited an hour to find him....hmmm oops...was i not supposed to say that? can anyone say...Death Row at pechanga?

Anonymous said...

lawless land; paying guests bullied and threatened.

Reyes asked if he is Pechanga...He answered: Not Indian but enrolled.
Very proud to be Mexican that one.

Anonymous said...

Who is Reyes?

Anonymous said...

head of security
so proud that lawless one

Ken Perez lawless illegally enrolled

Casas pico military
nesicat, flores...all military, apis, military

so many hiding behind cover of corruption..

On the count of 3..all illegally

Oy vey...Jewish cabal, Mexican cabal, etc. Wonder why so many Jews 'Indian 'tribal' lawyers? How come that one is general counsel? the better to steal my dears!

Laura Y. Miranda illegally enrolled
her ancestors were pio pico stooges; shame that one...

ever wonder who levine really represents? Not descendants of he brings gifts from corruption to temple of inequity with goldberg, cohen, lanny davis, dicks'stein,abramhoff.

how come they cry..anti-semitismm when caught? I am also descended from Jews; wrong is wrong.. sick of them using Jew card to cover illegal acts...they feign hurt feelings when caught in act...Yow...ow..wee

thieving camels punched big hole through Indian country to raid Indian Country. aka..wasichu'

Anonymous said...

To The Current Pechanga Membership

Shame on you for giving in so easy to European Colonial influence. Where once was a house that strongly clung together to fight off outside influence, now I see a house divided, it says in the Bible "a house divided will fall", and even if you don't believe in the Bible it's a true saying none the least.

When European Colonials first came to America, they saw something that they desired, they also saw a people easily divided. And because they were divided they lost the war. In fact they lost the whole American continent.

Now there are some on the outside looking in on what you have and with greedy little eyes look with desire and envy. They again want to take away from you what you have worked so hard to achieve. The only way to fight off this attack is to cleave to your fellow brothers and sisters. Stand together again as one people, strong and cohesive. Bring back into the fold those who have been wrongfully dsenrolled, welcome into the fold those who are kept out because of the moratorium.

Become once again a strong people, bound together in a common goal.

Anonymous said...

maybe the poster can tell where each council member came from?

1.macarro-pechanga or not

2.murphy-yes or no

3.luker-yes or no

4.perez-yes or no

5.calac yes or no

6.masiel yes or no

7.the female yes or no

eight ball corner pocket said...

This should be good,

red heat said...


Anonymous said...

palinkas; hungarian whiskey

No wonder Pechanga puffed with overload

Unless Macarro is Not biological son of Leslie Macarro, he should have documents stating he is Pechanga descendant.

Sad to say, perhaps if he is legitimate Macarro;

ALL step-children illegally enrolled through fraud are theives.

Adopted for fraud;illegal enrollment.

All IMPOSTORS; who challenge Macarro who HAS TO BE proven by documents to be a biological descendant to Macarro line will be not be legally eligible to be chair or represent Pechanga in any capacity.

Masiel clan, Miranda, etc. ALL IMPOSTORS.

wee willie said...

answer the question ok masiel not pechanga ,heard juan macarro is from pauma,what about luker ,speak up,calac and garbani ,what about perez he is not a tosobol,butch is a white boy,come now tell us all?

Anonymous said...

luker, linker, calac, garbani,Rodrigues, Trujillo...Almost ALL claiming evicted status were actually Pio Pico's military and co-conspirators.

When secularization occurred, Pico,et al went on raiding; stealing Indian lands for themselves. Many of Pico's
military went further and began having families with Apis,Hoppish, Apish.

Eviction of Indians resulted in very very few Indians listed for lands. In effect, Pico, instructed
'agents' to instead place military,white merchants, apis people all on the 'evicted' list.

Again, this was another fraud and theft against natives.

John Magee was brazen in fraudulently claiming for himself lands that were stolen from the Indians.

Apis was a co-conspirator..He and his family were not Indians of the area.

Apis rancho was not in danger; he family was not in danger.

Wonder why Indians were not listed for 160 acres each head?

Pico agents pinched from Indians and gave huge 'fraudulent' allottments to non-Indians and others not native to claimed lands.

Research genesis of Mission Period
and you will find names of military
listed; you maybe surprised to learn that apis was also listed as military.

History of Riverside, San Diego, California,etc provide damning accounts of Apis-Pico-Merchants, et al collusion;theft.

Apis,et al were major factors of invading "Indians" who were sexual mates with Apis military to 'seed'


first thought to be hispanic..spelling later changed to rodrigues; portuguese.

Trujillo's son was his beloved..

Encomiendas, ranchos, etc. were seeder populations which thrived with slave labor provided by Native Indians.

Apis,et al benefitted by collusion/theft, murder...add alliances with merchants like Magee and you get growing populations that multiplied like predators gone wild.

Madriago/a Chilean

These were predators;murderers,theives. Greedy eyes.

Golsh impostors;predators..

Anyone have documents not forged that list Pechanga?

Feel free to add to this people..
Macarro is of great interest..

'aamokat said...

Nothing more than conspiracy
theories from our latest poster who may think that most tribal members are not legitmate, enrolled, moratorium, and disenrolled alike.

Yes, the influence and exploitation of the Spanish, Mexicans, and the Americans changed the fabric of the people forever but the people still survived and still exist and I would say more of them are legitimate than are not.

As far as the Macarros, as I have stated before, that yes Juan Macarro was listed as from Pauma in the marriage record to Isabel (Kengish) Tapia in the 1890's, but Isabel herself was from all acounts a Temecula Indian so if they are descended from her, then that would give them a legititmate claim on tribal membership.

Anonymous said...

aamokat can you break down what family each tribal council member comes from?

Anonymous said...

Legitimacy is Macarro.

Flores, Miranda, Trujillo, etc...all heavy weights;part of Invaders military machine.' Coupled with traitors like Apis line proved to be disastrous to Indians.

Aamokat, you are either ignorant of history or deliberately deceiving people of what happened in California.

-79 was a raid on Pechanga; Pechanga has been under seige under 'reorganization.'

Anonymous said...

It shocks me that someone on here really believes that almost all of the enrolled families are not from Pechanga. I assume there are a a few but still. You name off all these names but don't seem to realize that a lot of Indians had children with non Indian Spanish men. Plus the missions converted the Indians and renamed them. Most of the families can trace back into the 1700s or at least the mid 1800s. The only people that are really under question are those that claim to be related to people they really have no connection to like the Masiel family to the Garcia line.

'aamokat said...

It is just a conspriracy theory that a lot of Pechanga people are not legitimate and no matter what we say he or she is not going to believe it so why bother?

Legitimacy is Macarro?

Only if the current Macarros are descendants of Isabel (Kengish) Tapia, Juan Macarro's second wife, as it is fact that Juan himself was from Pauma.

I think it is likely this person who spouts these theories is a Macarro who I believe is stuck in the moratorium.

So does he or she thinks that the Macarros are the only true family?

Ironic that if he or she is not a tribal member, than his or her relatives have worked to keep this person out of the tribe and rather than argue with us he or she should be working side by side with us the disenrolled and other moratorium people to right the wrongs that have been perpetrated on all of us.

Anonymous said...

I'm not so sure that Juan Macarro isn't from Pechanga. He's on all the Pechanga census records, plus he was married to a couple of women who are from Pechanga. I think assuming he's not just because of one different record sounds a lot like what happened to the families that were disenrolled. My assumption is before the Spanish and mission came over all Luiseno were one tribe and they were spread out based on immediate family. When the mission come over they split them up based on where they lived; so with Pechanga, Pala, and Pauma all being so close I'm sure there was all kinds of mixing. It's like a school district you live on one side of the street you might go to a different school than the other side of the street.

Anonymous said...

Ignorance and deceptions are what caused this travesty of. Assuming poster is Macarro is ignorant. Are there no other ethical people on all sides of this devasting issue willing to reveal and discuss all sides of this issue? Also, Macarro are NOT only ones with Pechanga with U.S. documents.

Reservation and membership criteria are a U.S. issue. It is what is now the U.S. that stole lands now known as the United States last.

Poster is correct in stating that many Indians intermarried; crossing many familial lines; including those of Apis and Californios. The Californios were those seeded by Pio Pico and his elites which were instrumental in Pico,etal in his quest for illegally taking of all California.

Will others with U.S. documents stating Pechanga legitimacy present such documents?

Macarro line goes back to 1600 more or less, it is not the only line. There are others.

Macarro line has a very interesting line and history also.

As has been stated before, Indians were sent to Luis Rey Mission from all over California to serve as slaves to the mission.

Their Indian names were hidden; intended to be buried forever. For example..Paulina Hunter, described as Paulina? Walla...Walla was described as Indians from an a very specific area.

In reading documents and accounts; one will read that that coyotes; names tagged on to people like Cazillda Coyote de Ano. meant that Cazilda was of mixed heritage; which like Pico may have included African, Spanish, etc. heritage.

The Macarro line has many scoundrels and theives in their line also. They also have to be held accountable for their ancestors crimes, if any? And..should they also gain benefit from those crimes? Macarro are not body is.

Defensiveness is not going to clean up this mess. Openess can answer many questions. Don't you think?

Factions sneaking around trying to coverup will only ensure a bigger mess for their descendants to clean up. Do you really want your descendants to have to be afraid for their safety? For their rights to be violated? To be threatened by descendants of illegally enrolled? To be afraid of those whose malfeasance will be protected by cover of corruption and fraud?

There are many who post here who speak with a genuine voice; who want what is just..justice for all who belong. Don't you want justice for your descendants? Once and for all?

Will silence bring those theives, liars, and impostors the punishments they justly deserve?

It is true that descendants are not responsible for what their descendants have done in the past. However, should anyone gain benefit from their ancestors' crimes?

Clarification: Assumption that Macarro is the only line where theft against blood relations are occurring is deceptive. As you well know..there is not one line and has not betrayed their own blood relations. Are the Macarro the only line that is stealing from their own?

Anonymous said...

anonymous is correct that there are a lot of skeletons in our closets. what I'm not sure is what difference does it make? If you could be a little more clear on what you expect to achieve by digging them up, we may see where you are headed.

Indian women who were raped, and or passed around like a possession is nothing we do not know. Families or clans struggling to stay together through out this period is nothing new also.

What exactly is the point?

Anonymous said...

Invaders were the 'seeders' and women were the 'fields' in which seeds were planted.

I concur; Indian women were raped and passed around like possessions.

Families; clans were struggling to stay together through this period.

It is mentioned that Macarro had different wives. Tosabal, Tapia, Guavis,Trujillo, etc. That is where step...'adopted' all came into play;sad to say; many were perhaps not 'wives.'
Regarding Tapia...Leona and Isabell were identified by various names. many surprises. Research shows strong family lines in various groups.
It is misleading to state that Macarro was from Pauma because that's where he was living at the time he married Tapia.

Rape is a strategy that is used by Invaders to not only quell natives but also to 'infiltrate'societies.This seems to explain the ruthlessness of many invader's lines.

People have to try hard to be objective; however hard it is to see things objectively.

What is shocking to find is that women often, because of ambition; status, etc. supported and practices various strategem as ruthless as the men.

Leslie Stevenson, Jennie Miranda,Laura Y. Miranda ,Joely De La Torre, etc. employ Ruthless strategem oftentimes like men.

Ruth Masiel is a ruthless woman; Matriarch who initially was used by her ruthless mother and on and on it goes.

Ruth is accountable for her crimes against humanity as is Andrew Masiel, Basquez, Vasquez etc.

How did these criminals infiltrate Pechanga?

Masiel had the opportunity and motive to work for BIA as administrator of various tribes. He could determine which was most lucrative; most profitable to raid.He then used cover of corrupt 'officials' to infiltrate and raid Pechanga.

BIA was established as a Department of War.

Interior is not operating in the best interests of the Indians.

ALL policies ultimately have one goal; to eliminate All Indians rights.

The question "so what?" has been asked.

The so what is predators have taken control of 'tribe.' Is the TRIBE comprised of lineal descended from Indians who meet criterion of who is legally eligible to be enrolled at Pechanga. Or is it the IMPOSTERS illegally posing as Indians; therefore illegally enrolled and therefore, criminals acting as lawless raiders?

'aamokat said...

The marriage record of Juan Macarro to Isabel Tapia from the San Luis Rey Mission records says that he had been a resident of Pechanga at the time of the wedding in 1894 for sixteen years but that he was originally from Pauma.

Without additional information I can only come to the conslusion that is where is was from.

However, it is my understanding that the current Macarro line is from his second wife, Tapia, who was a Temecula Indian, so that would make them legitimate tribal members.

The reason why I think our latest critic may be a Macarro is that the posts are very similar to one of their cousins who is stuck in the moratorium who used to post at a lot that and the fact that he or she said, "legitimacy is Macarro."

'aamokat said...

"Clarification: Assumption that Macarro is the only line where theft against blood relations are occurring is deceptive. As you well know..there is not one line and has not betrayed their own blood relations. Are the Macarro the only line that is stealing from their own?"

I don't believe the Macarros are the only ones who are doing nothing to help their blood get into the tribe as I was stating that this person who sees the conspiracys would be better served to join forces with others who are in the same boat because those theories would be very hard to prove a century or two after the fact and they are counter productive to our cause.

Anonymous said...


Just present documents...what's the hold up..pun intended.

Just compare clans' documents.

It is actually easy to compare documents.

Are you suggesting only some clans investigated?

It's okay for other clans to get away with crimes?

Whose cause? Disenrolled benefitted by illegal moratorium. Impossible for predators to be in same boat as their victims.

Ironies: Gomez recasting self as Indian rights activist. He uttered: 'Internal Matter.' just as Madariaga did..Just as many others did.

Past chairs not held accountable for their crimes.

Liska suing frauds for fraud when he is fraud himself. Does he have documents?

Mary Bear Magee is not Pechanga.

Why the reluctance to hold inquiry?

Murphy clan not held accountable for posing as Pechanga Indians.why not?

Re: Juan..did you know that Leona and Isabell......

re: close proximity of various reservations: Pico ordered more incursions;more military presence to protect his interests. Therefore, he portioned his military to cover what is known today as 'reservations.' to expand territories to protect people against the 'hostiles.'

It is not true that all Indians were the same and acted in unison; this is one reason Indians were overcome by invader's interests.

Acting ignorant or deceptive?

Anonymous said...

I'm very interested in what documents the person above has that trace the Macarros to Pechanga in the 1600s. I'm not asking you to post anything I'm just wondering what documents are out there that are that old. It's my understanding that the Spanish had little social contact with the Indians in Temecula until the San Luis Rey Mission was established in 1798.

Anonymous said...

I do believe there should be an open and full investigation of all families. All imposters should be found. The poster has said many times shows alot of conflicting information.

Indian women were givin surnames, depending on who "owned them" at the time they were documented. It is a teadious process, and conflicts with alot of documentation.

It should be an open book, and this is why Pechanga is struggling today. They are very interested in keeping the dirty secrets hidden. All clans have them today.

I say open the books, and tell the truth. If we can't do it, then Congress should require it.

Anonymous said...

Juan Macarro was also married to Oligaria Guavish, who was from Pechanga. I'd agrue that if he was marrying all these women from Pechanga that he mostly likely lived in the Temecula area.

Anonymous said...

Mark follows in the same footprints. How many wifes and children does he have know?

'aamokat said...

Regarding the moratorium, I voted against it and I was working to put an end to it when I was disenrolled so you can't blame me for it and our latest critic could not have stopped it any more than I did.

Also, anyone who comes here regularly knows I have spoke out against it and have pointed out that it is unconstitutional many times.

So my conscience is clear and I will continue to stand with my moratorium brothers and sisters and I invite anyone, including our latest critic, to join us in our cause.

Anonymous said...

I stand with Gilbert Tavizon's 2 boys
who have the legal right to live in their home. How many years has it been now that their rights have been violated?

Anonymous said...

Too many!

Anonymous said...

who stands with them to ensure they complete,move in and live in their home?

Who protects them against harm from predators posing as Tribal police and council are violating their civil rights; their rights of ownership; their documents of ownership?

Anonymous said...

who is Oligaria Guavish, I have not heard that name before. Does anyone know her identity?

Anonymous said...

Fuck pechanga and what there about. Living in america with your laws,,,,fuck you. you think your better than us,,,fuck you again.

Anonymous said...

Were his pockets inside out? maybe sounds suspicious to me Watson .