Friday, May 21, 2010

Schwarzenegger FINALLY wins One Against 29 Palms Tribe

Well, what do you know? After a string of losses in cases against tribes. The Governator finally won one. Of course, that was already settled law, but a win is a win. It answers the question YES, tribal members that DO NOT live on the reservation DO HAVE TO PAY TAXES. Something that we have all known for quite a while. The 29 Palms tribal members were trying to get away with not paying.

Here is the ruling:

Pursuant to the Order filed herewith, IT IS ORDERED AND ADJUDGED that Plaintiff’s Third Amended Complaint is DISMISSED WITH PREJUDICE. The Court orders that such judgment be entered.

See the judgement HERE

H/T to Stand up For California


Anonymous said...

So he won a case that was already in the law. Great work Ahnuld

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many Pechanga tribal members get away without paying?...we all know MM doesnt live on the res...but bet he has an address on the res he uses to get by without paying,,,how many more do the same thing...doesnt the Franchise Tax Board pay a reward for info related to tax collection??