Saturday, May 29, 2010

Feds or State Justice DO not enforce the rules in CA Indian Country.

The last in a series of articles by Jim Marino. It qualified for a Moron Alert on the website of Pechanga Chairman Mark Macarro's COUSIN. That usually means it touched a nerve.

The DOJ needs to take a closer look at California.

I thought it was an opportune time to talk about its origins, the failures and inadequacy of Congress in enacting the Indian Gaming and Regulatory Act in 1988, and the political process and corruption involved in the negotiation and execution of the 59 original compacts, negotiated in California by now deposed governor Gray Davis who received massive contributions for his 1998 election from the illegal Indian casinos operating here before March 2000.

Once Indian gambling was introduced into California I went on to discuss the impacts on communities where they are located and some of the irony of tiny recognized “tribes” of one or two people, or perhaps a handful of members, often tracing only fractional descent [if any] to a real California Native Indian Band and claiming they were sovereign governments because they have been “recognized” by bureaucrats in the Bureau of Indian Affairs. These tiny “sovereign governments” pay no taxes and provide no services or infrastructure to their “tribe”. Rather they depend on the public services and infrastructure paid for by non-Indian taxpayers and the federal government for their welfare. I discussed how these claims of “sovereignty” were not only used to evade paying the taxes needed to fund local public services and infrastructure, but also used to evade all the many laws enacted for the protection of the public, customers in Indian casinos and businesses, their workers and the environment and quality of life in the host communities. I discussed the false economy of Indian gambling casinos that promise “jobs” and claim to be a destination “resort” bringing in tourist dollars when, in actuality these are unprotected, transient and generally low paying “jobs” that are created. This job creation is far-outweighed by the fact that the many gamblers losing money at an Indian casino, come from nearby communities where they are not spending those discretionary dollars in non-Indian businesses. These nearby non-Indian businesses often cannot compete with an Indian casino or business that pays no taxes, operates above the laws and which cannot be sued by customers, workers (or anyone else) for their misdeeds because of an outdated court-created legal doctrine giving Indian tribes, their casinos, businesses, agents and employees complete immunity from lawsuit no matter how outrageous their actions or conduct may be.

That in addition to siphoning millions of dollars in discretionary money from gamblers drawn to these casinos from nearby communities these patrons are gambling with money they often cannot afford to lose. That produces increases in crimes of theft, robbery and embezzlement, divorce and family neglect, financial problems, foreclosures and bankruptcies, gambling addictions, substance abuses, even increased suicides that are an inevitable result of the introduction of Indian casino gambling. I quoted Warren Buffet who astutely pointed out a few years ago that there has always been gambling activities. The problem with Indian gambling casinos is that they have made gambling much more convenient so those losing vast amounts of money do not have to travel great distances to places like Las Vegas to do READ MORE


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That is true..look on the foreclosure lists and you see so many more houses around Pechanga, Saboba, San Manuel and Morongo that are in foreclosure...dont think its a coincidence...they lure you in and the machines are governed by them....what a strange way for California to operate..but follow the money trail and you will see how much goes into the local politicians pockets...they are paid to let the tribes get away with murder....20/20 should do an undercover operation and start with Pechanga...or who knows...maybe they already are....hahahaha

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I many Pechanga employees are illegal??>..or using false social security numbers??..interesting to find out as they brag about being the largest employer.

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"they brag about being the largest employer

They are also the LARGEST UN EMPLOYER. Responsible for putting more people on welfare and unemployment than any other business in the area.

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and also...a BIG reason that there is so many houses in foreclosure in the Inland Empire....and so many bankruptcies...but the tribal members sure are driving very expensive cars!!!