Thursday, May 13, 2010

The MIRACLE of The Pechanga Tribal Council: Visions of the Future, Like a Scene From Spielberg's Minority Report

In a feat of amazing psychic prowess on behalf of the corrupt Pechanga Tribal Council, we will shortly be bringing you a tale of BANISHMENT that was brought about by something that wouldn't happen until after the notification of the banishment.

We've talked about wielding sovereignty like a club, but in this story, reminiscent of Steven Spielberg's MINORITY REPORT, where criminals were prosecuted for something they planned to do, a banishment was brought for for something that didn't happen until a week AFTER the banishment.

STAY TUNED....... Mr. Macarro, HAVE YOU NO SHAME? Nick Rahall, how about that oversight hearing? Isn't this outright FRAUD?

IF PECHANGA WILL CHEAT it's OWN People, won't they cheat YOU?


ERF said...


Lies, and corruption.

White Buffalo said...

Sounds like someone jumped the gun????

Pechanga Princess said...

Sooner or later truth comes to light and those that schemed against the REAL Pechanga People will have their day when Justice is served
Dear United States of America, I once was a full time student, reaching for the stars, and two years away from my Bachelors in Accounting. Then u allowed the corrupt Pechanga "adopted in the Indian way" MEXICANS strip me of the heritage in which I was born and bread into.... I went from private pay insurance to Medicaid and now work a full time job praying each day that I am able to make ends meet to support my family, with hopes that you would see what's right in front of u. These people might have fooled you, but where's all these resources you have available? Can I get a DNA test? Millions are spent each year on paternity testing and wars between Nations, yet you stand here and allow my people to suffer. Selfishness. Sad but true, I thought you would protect us, yet again you have failed us. For everyday that goes by that my Grandmother has to sit back and cope with the injustice you have done to my people yet a second time, I spit on you, do research with your own records, that is why you keep them locked up in Washington DC right?!? However, it seems that you too are ignorant along with those select corrupt individuals claiming to be what runs thick in my blood.... Thank you for the confirmation. Sincerely, Pechanga Princess- THE REAL PECHANGA PEOPLE will PREVAIL!!!

PS. Macarro, you are a waste on human skin, I will vote for the death pentalty.

Anonymous said...

I hope Rahall responds to Rep. Thompson's request soon.

Michael said...

When will we know about Mike Thompson getting the hearing he asked from Rahall?