Thursday, May 13, 2010

The BANISHMENT of Pablo Apis' Descendent John Gomez, Jr. for Fighting for The Civil Rights of Native Americans In the United States

NOTE Item 3 of the Banishment saying Mr. Gomez made a threat to Pechanga about "Someone getting hurt". It's PECHANGA that is doing the hurting. They are denying medical insurance to rightful elders, allowing carjackers and drug dealers (CONVICTED) and Child molestors and sexual predators (CONVICTED) to live on the reservation. Words are the main threat now?

MORE to follow.

PechangaBanishment by OPechanga


Anonymous said...

If they are Apis descendents, don't they have ties to the land, even if they are alottees?

Wouldn't the tribe only control the land the homes are on?

Anonymous said...

i'm surprised pechanga has not formally banished john before now...

i'm certain they waited as long as they did because they are fully aware that a whole new level of the war would be entered into...

interesting timing for adding more fuel to the fire, eh?

as john sr. said at the native american caucus e-board meeting awhile back..."PEOPLE ARE WATCHING!"

for ALL nations...for ALL chukchansi people

'aamokat said...

But John knew he was banished even before he got this letter. Reportedly he was told he had been banished, without his knowledge, for two years by Councilman Andy Masiel Sr about a month ago.

Did John even say what they claim?

But even if had made such a comment in passing, I don't see how it could be seen as a threat of violence as it doesn't say he supports violence, which he doesn't.

Besides, we don't need to use violence to win as we have truth on our side.

I am going on record myself to say that I don't support violence in any way, shape, or form but I do think I too may be banished at some point for what I write her and elsewhere.

So what would their excuse be to banish me?

Freedom of speech?

But I guess that would be par for he course as it doesn't exist on this Rez and elsewhere in Indian Country.

'aamokat said...

what I write here, not her.

Anonymous said...

I thank my ancestors everyday for having the foritude to stick it out on the reservation before we had anything. The families that left, got there own rancheras, didn't enroll their children or droped their native identies are the ones who are suffering now. You want to blame someone, blame your ancestors. You couldn't take away my heritage no more then you could tell a mountain it is not a mountain or tell a mighty oak it isn't an oak.

Anonymous said...

the tosobol banisment was as follows 11 -4 09 went to pray and see land the UNITED STATES gave to them they have probate and deed THEN were confronted after being waved on at guard shack one quarter mile from THEIR LAND they were surrounded by rangers and detained then taken to ranger station asked for paperwork told to sign names and addresses
were not told about ANY BANISHMENT JUST HAVE A NICE DAY,when they returned they were banished IN JANUARY 2010 the ranger was ordered by tribal council to Banish certain familys the familys paperwork is waiting for them ,if any go to the rez .the tribal council tried to give paperwork of a tosobol to our relitive that was not present that day What you say bout that ,the person wasnt even with them POLYSQWALIS

White Buffalo said...

I wonder what they would do with me???

I still got my eye on you Mr. Potato Head

Anonymous said...

How can they keep you off your own land?....even the federal government has to enact a law to take your land away from you...I hope the letter went straight to the judge he has been in court with as well...she has to have bad feelings about the way mm is thumbing his nose at her...I guess when tribal members drove by you and threw cans at you at a rally it wasnt a threat?....THUG mentality...I think it shows they are running scared...I dont see any threat whatsoever in his statement...I think he meant that he was going to be hurt by security or other tribal members...yet they turn things around yet again to suit them!!..more people should file law suits against the tribe...think of the money it will cost them to fight all the lawsuits...I can hear them ordering the technicians to tighten up the slots some more...after all..the "gaming commision" watching the fairness of the slots are also Pechanga tribal self serving is that??..its like the fox gaurding the hen house...even Vegas is more honest about the slots then them.

Anonymous said...

Has anybody sent this letter to Collen Williams at NBC?...she did a very fair story long ago..maybe she would like to do another follow up?? needs some publicity...dry up the dolllars going into Pechanga..Also...isnt Pechanga Casino a huge health risk for both the workers and the patrons??...the smoke is terrible at that place..they need to do a study on the health issues of the employees...class action suit is surely in line..

'aamokat said...

The rogue government at Pechnaga is just clutching at straws because even if John did make the comment, there is no threat being made implied or otherwise.

It would just be stating an opinion that the U.S. government doesn't care unless someone on our side of the issues was the victim of violence.

Plus it is the other side of the issues, the pro disenrollment, moratorium, and banishment side, who are likely to commit violent acts not us.

Who do you think took shots at the chairwomen of the enrollment committee's house before our disenrollments because of the perception that she was going to be fair in our disenrollment proceddings, who do you think shot up our street sign on Hunter Lane, and who do think threw water bottles (not cans) at us at one of our demonstrations?

It was the people who are against us on all of these issues who almost certainly did those things.

Now if people who likely did deserve to be disenrolled were the one's on the outside looking in, then the tribe would really have something to worry about as far as violence goes.

After all, how many of them are convicted violent felons as compared to how many of our families' members have similar convictions?

I would say they have way more people who fit that description than we do.

But they get to come and go as they please on the Rez and some of us now do not have the same privledge.

iceman said...

you see whats happening right?

more banishments,the shadow government is feeling tons of pressure in court ,all over ,like fighter jets dive bombing over pechanga.They are defence less they are exposed.They are getting hit from every angle they have no weapon that can identify some many in coming threats.

OPechanga said...

They are only exposed MORE if people would share this blog on their facebook pages and also become friends to the many politicians that have FB pages.

The spotlight gets brighter with more rays of light pointed in their direction.

frog warrior said...

shame on you john for telling congress someone might get hurt,haha.

life time banishment for that!

agent scully said...

by the way ,what happened to that246 pc (shooting at a occupied dwelling)felony charge ,investigation on the rez?

congress no about that?

Outlander said...

I am curious how Pechanga could impose or even enforce a $5000 fine for disobeying this incredible display of banishment?

'aamokat said...

agent scully said...

"by the way ,what happened to that246 pc (shooting at a occupied dwelling)felony charge ,investigation on the rez?

congress no about that?"

From what I understand, no one could prove conclusively who might have done the shooting but it is my personal opinion that it was a member or members of a certain violent family who is at the root of the turmoil that has been at Pechanga in recent years and who likely doesn't belong themselves and who were unlawfully cleared from disenrollment.

They are also probably the people who shot up our street sign on Hunter Lane.

As far as an investigation goes, I don't think there was much of a one.

don jaun de la vega said...

us court can,t hear or enforce trespass fine.

Luiseno said...

It appears that someone DID get hurt, it was Mr Gomez. And don't try to tell me that the lifetime banishment was not a vengeful and hurtful action.

Anonymous said...

It was not only Mr. Gomez, but his family, and the Hunter family and all those caught up in the unlawful moratorium.

And, the memory of Original Pechanga People, trampled on by the corrupt Pechanga Council.

Michael said...

Pechanga has harmed close to 500 people via disenrollment, moratorium anc corruption.

Pechanga Elder said...

Bobby Lemere told me that it was Raymond Basquez who shot at her house because she switched sides to not disenroll the Hunters. He called her that night of the shooting after the police left, to see if she was all right. She asked him how he knew about the shooting since she had told no one except the police? He said he has ways. He has pulled his gun on so many of us here on the rez over the years and nothing is ever done to him...

Anonymous said...

Raymond tries to act like he is some sort of spiritual leader for the tribe so, though not just for the reason if he did take shots at Bobbi's house, he must be following the devil.

Darkness cannot stand the light so the darkness will be defeated by the light of truth.

Anonymous said...

What is the purpose of the tribal rangers if people and their belongings are getting shot at while in their own neighborhoods? Has the rez always been such a rough and tumble place to live? or is it only in the last decade or so?

Are the violent people members of the tribe or not??

curoius wants to know


Anonymous said...

Have you all sent in your letters?

'aamokat said...

Sanjuanflorist, yes among the Masiel/Basquez clan, who are tribal members, are numerous violent people convicted of felonies.

Ronald Rivera in fact works for the tribal rangers and not only is he a tribal member, he is a convicted violent sex offender profiled on the Megan's Law Web site, the site that profiles California registered sex offenders.

Yes there has been a certain element of violence over the years on the Rez.

Raymond Basquez Sr, is a former tribal councilman and enrollment committee member and as someone posted here, he may very well have taken the shots at the enrollment committee chairwoman's house or at least knew intimate details about what happened.

My bet is if it wasn't him, it was a member of his family dubbed the Masiel crime family here on OP's blog.

Anonymous said...

wow, at least you know who your enemys are. That stinks.

It is curious to think that they just sit back and allow criminals in their midst. The members far outweigh the council, criminals, etc., so is their not anything to be done?

Why do you suppose there is such an element of crime?

Off on another quest. Could you tell me how someone can be buried at Pechanga? the rules? today and fifty years ago. And is their a list of the people buried there?

thank you for being so kind. Also, I was reading a story somewhere that states how the Luiseno at Pechanga were the most industrious of all. They were envied by the white people for their ability to grow beautiful crops when all around them their was nothing but dry dusty crops. It was a beautiful story that shows how our tribe prospered when everything was against them.

Sharing what you all may already know.

Anonymous said...

To add to the discussion: The Pechanga reservation and many other reservations have been much rougher than many areas. For starters reservations were originally set up to keep track of and to separate Indians, somewhat like concentration camps. They were rarely easy places to live because they were generally located on the most undesirable land. From there many reservations have been extremely poor, many Indians had a hard time finding work, and many had drug and alcohol problems.
Specifically, on the Pechanga reservation: Historically, the people were poor, many didn’t have water, electricity, in-door plumbing until the 1970s. The currently population is around 300; made up of maybe half members and half non-members. There are a lot of politically issues that limit members and non-members and the tribe from cleaning up the reservation. For example, it would certainly not be acceptable to kick a non-member who has land rights or rents property, simply because he/she is poor and can’t maintain their property. It is equally difficult to banish a member who has land right but has a criminal background. One thing to remember is the members have not been getting a lot of money for that long, meaning they were once poor and may have been into drugs or had run-ins with the law, or at a minimal have family that did; because of this members are more tolerant of other members having a criminal background. Plus as an individual they don’t really feel that they can do anything about it.

Allen L. Lee said...

If I may add to Anonymous's statement regarding Reservations.
One thing that reservations did was change the indigenous definition of wealth. While it allegedly reserved land for indigenous peoples to live in their "familiar fashions' separate from Americans, American jurisdiction via the Commerce Clause and Indians fully determined what economic class Indians would be defined by.
One of the biggest impacts of cultural genocide is the change in how a people define "wealth."
The casinos may not be the last nail in that cultural genocide "definition of wealth" coffin, but it is yet another nail.