Monday, November 19, 2007

Pechanga Commercials

Pechanga is spending millions of dollars trying to rehabilitate their image in Southern California.

UPDATE: Make that $5 MILLION

Interesting to see how much they spend for their lobbyist, Wayne Ordos.

Now we know why Jim Battin is unresponsive too... check his contributions. Hey Pechanga, why no donations to Sheila Keuhl????

Here's an idea of what they are spouting from

One of Pechanga's commericals including former tribal spokesperson Jennie Miranda, (who's son was just fired from Pechanga for being a thief) saying, " 200 years ago, the Spanish Tried to Break us up".
Well, congratulations Jennie, you succeeded where the Spanish couldn't! A Notice from the Tribal Government in November of 1980 says: The special meeting notice sent to you by Jennie Mirana and Russell Butch Murphy is not an official notice. The are not official representatives of the Pechanga Band. There will be no official nominationf or the council on the 16th of November. Paragraph three: Now we would like to answer a few of the distortions an misleading statements in the notice sent out by Jennie Miranda and Butch Murphy.
There are copies of this memo of course. But it shows a 25 year pattern of deception, conspiracy and subterfuge from splinter group members.
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