Monday, November 26, 2007

No on Prop. 94 = NO to Pechanga's Civil Rights Violations

UPDATE: Please read the comments

Pechanga has tried to get a Compact amendment through Congress without the vote of the people of California. As a sovereign nation, trying to do business with our state, they should not be rewarded for violating their citizens civil rights and human rights. Quite simply, California chose not to do business with South Africa because they denied their citizens civil rights, we should do the same for a nation in our own backyard that does the same.

In fact, Californians should STOP doing business with that entity. The city of Temecula will turn their backs on people whose rights are violated for a few hundred thousand a year? Don't reward Pechanga for wrongdoing, reward them when they do the right thing. Riverside county, stand up for HUMAN RIGHTS.

Proposition 94

1260. (07-0037)

Referendum Petition to Overturn Amendment to Indian Gaming Compact.
Proponent: Jack Gribbon

If this petition is signed by the required number of registered voters and timely filed with the Secretary of State, it will stop the law (Chapter 40, Statutes of 2007) from going into effect, unless a majority of voters at the next statewide election vote in its favor. The challenged law ratifies an amendment to an existing gaming compact between the state and Pechanga Band of LuiseƱo Mission Indians; exempts certain projects from the California Environmental Quality Act; requires that revenue paid by tribe be deposited in the General Fund. (07-0037.) (Full Text)
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