Friday, November 16, 2007

Native American Caucus - Anaheim Meeting to Violate Their Own Bylaws

It was a good night to be Native American. We saw the NAC violate their own bylaws in a well orchestrated effort of Ron Andrade's paid-for voters.

Pechanga leaders Andrew Masiel Sr. and Butch Murphy brought in two busloads of people (small buses) to cast votes. The young people of Pechanga had absolutely NO IDEA what they were voting on. They just looked to their handler, and if the handler raised her blue card they did, too. It was comical in one instance as one kid raised both his hands as if to say, "I really, really, really, really mean it!"

There were well over 150 people, as the NAC stacked the deck with Cherokee people with a resolution in support of the Cherokee's right to kick people out of their tribe. Funny how they complained that Assemblywoman Diane Watson of California is getting involved in Cherokee business, yet CA Natives have no problem supporting Oklahoma Cherokee.

The NAC Exective board actually asked the membership to vote against due process for Indian people. Nice work.

Stay tuned.......
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