Thursday, October 7, 2021

While Pechanga and Pala HAVE STOLEN MILLIONS ViA DiSENROLLMENT, SAN MANUEL Continues to Be Charitable

The San Manuel Band of Mission Indians continues its charitable ways as they just donated $100,000 to Three Square Food Bank in Las Vegas.   

In comparison, Pechanga and Pala have STOLEN over $700 MILLION in per capita from tribal members they disenrolled.

The donation helps boost the BackPack for Kids program, which gives food to children on weekends and breaks from school who would otherwise go hungry.

In a statement, the tribe said it has given over $9.3 million to educational institutions and charities in Las Vegas since January 2020. It said Wednesday’s donation “will provide over 300,000 meals to individuals and families who are being impacted by food insecurity in the Southern Nevada community.”

“It is important to our Tribe that we work to impact and change lives of those who are in need and facing economic challenges,” San Manuel Band of Mission Indians Chairman Ken Ramirez said in the statement. “Our Tribe is proud of the community involvement and support we have provided in Southern California and across Indian country, and we are humbled and honored to continue this tradition of giving here in Las Vegas.”

In May, the tribe announced it had struck a deal with Red Rock Resorts to buy the Palms off-Strip resort in Las Vegas. The $650-million sale is expected to close later this year and VEGAS IS READY! 

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Unknown said...

you have given nothing you loser...... it is us non indian Californians who have been ripped off at your casino so you can go shopping in another state. 650 million means that you decided that 650,000 casino patrons had to loose 1000 dollars each while gaming, and we are not happy about it. you have no consideration for the hands that feed you, and can expect that those whitemen that gave you the opportunity will soon be taking it all away, the sooner the better.....??