Tuesday, January 26, 2021

This Week is 17th Anniversary of Redding Rancheria's D-Day: The Foreman Family Termination Via Disenrollment

Former Redding Rancheria Council
Member Carla Maslin and Chair
Bob Foreman

Good friends to Original Pechanga's Blog, the Foreman family, terminated from the Redding Rancheria, reminded me that this week, it's been 17 YEARS since Tracey Edwards and Barbara Hayward-Murphy got the family of their first chairman, Robert Foreman, THROWN OUT OF THE TRIBE.  There is NO quit in the search for justice

 Carla Maslin, Bob Foreman Sr.'s daughter wrote to us in 2006.

Here is some of the letter that Carla Maslin sent to us:

It is ironic that you posted this today (OP: Jan 27th) as it is anniversary or "the D-Day" for all 76 members of my family.

We were "Disenrolled" on this day in 2004. It is with me everyday. I relive it like a movie playing over & over in my mind.
I served as a tribal council person for many years & look back at all that was accomplished over the years. Our small tribe started with nothing & with only a few who were there to see that the seeds were planted for all lineal descendants of the 17 original distributees.

My great grand mother Virginia Timmons (OP: Tracy Edwards grandmother said, "JUST DIG HER UP, SHE IS JUST A BAG OF BONES! )was one of them. My dad was the first tribal Chairperson, one who wanted the healthcare system for Indians. The land that was once my ancestor's land is now apart of where our gaming came to be, because my grandmother & her children wanted that for the tribe. We could have not have had gaming at that time without certain land.

The betrayal of our community is the most unforgettable. It is a crime for them to commit fraud, injustice, & lies to the public about my family's bloodline & heritage. As it would be for any human being whose roots, blood ties and connections to their ancestors is an unwritten and sacred law. It is an outrage.

My Father died without justice. I still remember when Tracy Edwards, Tribal Chairperson at that time promised me that my family would not be disenrolled. She told me she loved my family. I can still hear her voice. She and others told me that it was Barbara Hayward-Murphy who wanted us out.

There is so much more involved regarding the corruption of these tribal leaders. Gary Hayward, Casino G. M. told my family to our faces at a local movie theater that "he was glad that we were disenrolled." "The money is great!" He was boasting about it! He then wanted to fight my brother right then & there. He & his wife were told to leave by the theater management.

It amazes me that these people are treated like royalty from our community leaders. I guess it is the money. I hope someday there is justice for all. Us included. We will never forget & it is important to keep the voices of the victims out there. We are also taking a stand for the voices of those who have passed away & cannot speak out for themselves. Their dignity and their family name has also been attacked with nothing more than lies.

The "truth" is on our side. We just need someone to hear it & stand with us.

Please read more of the story at the links above. Please share with your friends on Facebook. Please ask them to visit this site and tribalcorruption.com Help provide JUSTICE for those terminated by their tribes in CA and the U.S.

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