Tuesday, January 19, 2021

LEONARD PELTIER: Trump Just Like The Other Presidents, NO COMMUTATION

Leonard Peltier

Well, to be fairs, there are hours left, and I'll amend the post and apologize, but just as Barack Obama disappointed us on a commutation for Leonard Peltier, so shall Donald Trump.   

From an earlier Time magazine article, his daughter Kathy spoke out:
My father was ultimately extradited from Canada 40 years ago, convicted of the agents’ killings and sentenced to two consecutive life sentences based on testimony that the FBI has admitted they knew was perjured.

My worst fear is that my father will die in prison, and that I will never know him as a free man. Clemency for my father would mean our family would get to spend what’s left of his life together for the first time. That freedom would also mean that he can get the help and treatment he truly needs. The truth is, I don’t know how much longer he will be alive. But I do know that even a week with him would mean the world to me. And I know that to watch him die in prison, without clearing his name, would devastate our family even more than the past four decades have.

My father and our family have lived with this injustice for far too long. At this moment, only the president can decide his fate. I hope that President Obama will grant Leonard Peltier clemency before it’s too late.


Unknown said...

So did it happen?'

Anonymous said...

No one expected Trump to give Leonard a pardon because Trump doesn't like Native Americans.
But he did give 2 pardons to two black rappers
which is puzzling.

Unknown said...

I hoped to hear of a good outcome this year.

Unknown said...

I hoped to hear of a good outcome this year.

Reinstatement_Restitution said...

Costs $2 million for a presidential pardon. Ask Rudy G. Trump is selling pardons, probably to pay Rudy's fees.