Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Pechanga Casino News Report: Thousands of Native Americans are being OUSTED from tribes by Disenrollment WITHOUT A TRIBE

Colleen Williams of KNBC Los Angeles fronted this FEBRUARY 2007 story of Pechanga Casino Tribe's Disenrollment, which is the STRIPPING of Tribal Citizenship, in this case, the Hunter Family, who had more documentation, than ANY other tribal family.  The Pechanga Resort & Casino has helped many in the tribe, and hurt many others. #stopdisenrollment

In the opening, Pechanga Chairman Mark Macarro, sets up a strawman argument, which we beat down with facts here



Pisses me off to no end. The hate is real and I make no apologies for wanting to see them all perish.

Anonymous said...

Indians on their own Reservation in PL 280 states have fewer rights than those in this country illegally . There is no court with jurisdiction over disenrollments. Congress must do something!

Anonymous said...

Just be honest in doing the right thing. Follow tribal law, evaluate the proper evidence, seek outside help.

Anonymous said...

Mark Macarro is nothing but a money grubbing pocket filling thief!! what he's doing is not right in more of us need to stand up and fight

stevesam said...

Notify our Congress persons about what is happening to this tribe of Native
Americans. I hope this will at least get more attention.
God Bless you all!
May The Great Spirit be with you all.

Steve Sam.

Unknown said...

money makes people do evil things