Monday, January 18, 2021

Martin Luther Kings WORDS on South Africa, Applied to Tribal Disenrollment

 TODAY we Honor Dr. Martin Luther King. 

I apply his words on South Africa in 1964 applied to we Native Americans who have been ostracized, stripped of our belonging, our tribal rights, and our dignity. Minor changes in blue, but the message is CLEAR

It is in this situation, with the great mass of Native Americans denied their humanity, their dignity, denied opportunity, denied all human rights; it is in this situation, with many of the bravest and best Native Americans serving long years in EXILE, with some already died without justice; in this situation we in America and Indian Country have a unique responsibility. For it is we, through our investments, through our Governments` failure to act decisively, who are guilty of bolstering up the Casino Tribe's disenrollment tyranny.


Anonymous said...

As soon as the economy gets worse, there will be more disenrollment. The evilness of the tribe has been exposed, the world knows the greed of the tribes. The day will come when there will be no more casinos. Then watch these greedy farts run off and get in- where they fit in. for the sake of money.

Anonymous said...

Disenrolling tribes and their cohorts need to be accountable.