Thursday, January 7, 2021

Petition to Remove Mark Macarro of Pechanga from California Native American Heritage Commission


Cousin Michael Madariaga has a petition up on CHANGE.ORG
requesting the removal of Pechanga Tribal Chairman Mark Macarro, civil and human rights abuser from his advisory position with the California Native American Heritage Commission  WILL you SIGN it for all who have been abused by disenrollment?

We are asking that Mark Macarro Be removed from the California Office of Tribal Advisor

For the following reasons. The office of tribal advisor is supposed to use an international human right framework. He has disenrolled 25% of the tribe My family is one. He has disregarded the tribal constitution and by-laws in the process

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Christopher Maldonado said...

I am not signing this petition to remove Chairman Mark Macarro although my family and I recently had a big financial setback totaling $87349.00 that involved death threats sent to me from a Facebook profile Anthony Roy, A Claim Agent with The National Help Commission who have been stealing the futures away from families on for years. I recently reached out for help from Chairman Mark Macarro and now understand the reasoning why he is unable to provide his assistance for me as my family and the community we live in did not from those that have the resources that to do so. I support Chairman Mark Macarro 100% to continue his journey as he is makes meaningful decisions that. Leader must make that benefit his Pechanga Native Community without negatively affecting those that aren’t. He gives one the feeling of always being present without being seen.
We have 2 Native American bloodlines, my grandmother Della Diaz was born early 1900s on the Hopi reservation in New Mexico and my great grandfather was born 1906 on the Mescalero Apache reservation near Alamogordo.

Christopher Maldonado said...

Oh the last comment was from
Christopher Maldonado
I strongly support Mark Macarro to stay