Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Win River Casino Tribe, the Redding Rancheria Looking for New General Manager to Replace GARY HAYWARD

Now former GM Gary Hayward of the Redding Rancheria's Win River Casino has be relived of duty because of a "domestic violence" issue.  Sadly, his arraignment and charges will be out on local news soon.

Sources say other information has been found during Hayward's absence. We expect that will be detailed to tribal members soon.

Gary Hayward is grand nephew of Barbara Mruphy,  one of the architects of the Foreman family disenrollment circa 2004.


Anonymous said...

What a weak individual

Anonymous said...

Such a bunch of bullshit

Anonymous said...

You know nothing of this incident and are a dumbass

Anonymous said...

Charges were false! All charges were dismissed against Mr.Hayward. His tribal council were weak ass people and didn’t stand by him. That is what tribes do ! Their like crabs in a pot. The one that success they try and drag to the bottom of the pot !