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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Barbara Murphy, Architect of the Redding Rancheria's Disenrollment of the FOREMAN FAMILY, WALKS ON

Barbara Murphy

Barbara Murphy, a former chairwoman and respected elder of the Redding Rancheria, passed away on May 8. She was 79.  May her soul find the peace that in life, she ripped away from Bob Foreman and his family, via disenrollment

Murphy served as chairwoman for several years and as chief executive officer of the tribe for 16 years, according to a tribal press release.

Murphy also was a reminder of a darker era in federal policy. As the last living survivor of the termination era, she was one of the 17 original distributees who helped keep the community together after the United States ended its government-to-government relationship with the tribe.

Darker STILL was the fact that she was a leader in the movement to disenroll the family of the tribe's FIRST Chairman, Robert Foreman  whose story we tell often.

It's not honorable to disrespect the dead. but it's also dishonorable to not tell the truth about what happened.......

RIP Barbara Murphy, may nobody EVER ask to dig up your body, like you had Virginia Timmon's remains exhumed for a DNA test, and then disregarded the information......



"IF THIS LADY DISREGARDED THE D.N.A. FROM THE CORPSE SHE EXUSUMED...Then she is in Hell burning with Audrey Toler and Frank trask..Really.."There had to be a reason why. She wanted that D.N.A sample. She probably suspected frauds in her tribe..

OPechanga said...

The DNA test came back 0ver 99% positive. The results didn't matter...