Sunday, May 10, 2020

Pechanga Casino Shutdown Threatens Wealthy Tribal Members; Disenrolled Know How it Feels

Felon Ray Basquez, Jr

With the Pechanga Resort & Casino closed for business, and 4,500 employees laid off.  One group of casualties never mentioned is the remaining tribal members who face the horrible threat of  LOSS OF PER CAPITA ! (omg!)

Some advice from disenrolled:
1. Use your savings (Hey, Pechanga stole a billion from us, No rainy day fund?)
2. GET A JOB.  That's what that yahoo felon Ray Jr. told our elders
3. Get free food from the casino (oh, Pechanga members did that already)
4. Have a yard sale to raise money.
5. Sell your new trucks to cut debt
6. Don't pay your mortgage until you have to give up your home

Pechanga, led by Mark Macarro isn't the only tribe who disenrolled their own, Chukchansi, Pala, Redding are just a few to face the uncertain future of no income. And tribal gaming generates over $3 billion per month, it's affecting tribal nations across the country.

The 11,000 of us, who've been disenrolled have faced this issue, the loss of per capita, in the last 20 years. Pechanga also cut our health care benefits, something the remaining members aren't facing. *yet*. Since they don't keep a close eye on the financials, and what tribal leaders spend.  There may not be funds available like they are expecting.

In fact, from our friends at PALA WATCH, this comment came up about the tribe's method of paying per capita:    The per cap we get paid for March is from revenues earned in December. We are always three months behind on per cap. This was said at several meetings by both Robert Smith and Theresa Nieto. If they don't have the money then where did it go? Also, if there is no money for per cap then all services must shut down. You can't have money for one part of the distribution plan and no money for the other parts.  

Tribal citizens should now look at what their black hearted action of supporting the disenrollment of their friends and family did.  They should do the right thing, and demand that justice is done and bring the people HOME.


Brother, cousin, friend... said...

Insurance is in place for lost revenue to cover situations like this. I’m curious for how long the tribe will cut payment to members and take care. Time is all we have to take care of each other. Tribal leaders who greedily take all they need will do us a favor in highlight to greed as the root. Everything happens to bring truth! uni moc moc aho Pechanga.

When you are thirsty I offer water. Non pala moc moc aho Pechanga member!


Reinstatement_Restitution said...

Insurance for lost revenue? Gee, if there was insurance for losing money no one would ever go out of business.

Anonymous said...

At a meeting in Pala around a year ago the EC Rob and Nieto stated that if the Casino were to close for reasons like this virus, that there would be enough money to take care of the members for at least a year.
I am looking for those minutes right now.
Robert is probably going nuts trying to figure
out how to pay the members because this is election year for him and Nieto.

Anonymous said...

As a rule, the individuals who became disenrolled failed to meet the criteria for tribal membership. It's that simple.

In addition, as a matter of history, others have noted that disenrollment resolved longstanding concerns about the membership of the disenrollees.

Disenrollment thus confined the tribal membership roll to individuals with verifiable facts and information for establishing their membership.

We may sympathize with the disenrollees who became used to life with a big monthly per capita check but lost it once the tribe examined their membership claim in light of membership criteria.

Yet this sympathy goes only so far. After all, prior to their ouster, the disenrollees knowingly accepted a monthly per capita check despite their lack of membership qualifications.

Others apart from the historical action to disenroll non-members may wonder how these individuals became erroneously enrolled in the first place. They fell into a category known as "close, social, and economic ties." By this means, they inveigled themselves into the tribe while others winked at their actual status as non-members.

When tribes began distributing profits from their tribal casino business, these tribes in time began the process of careful distinction between themselves and others.

As well, by law, the latter group does not qualify for gaming profits. Only enrolled tribal members have a rightful claim to receive per capita payments. The tribal leadership thus had a duty to clear the tribal membership roll of unqualified individuals, who then on scrutiny became duly disenrolled.

A reader may notice the confusion, anger, and disappointment of the disenrollees. They feel cheated. They lash out at others whom they blame for their predicament due to their disenrollment. They cannot accept their fate. They suffer torment. In this condition, they stew to no good end.

They may wish to consider instead their fortune as citizens of the greatest nation on Earth. They should orient themselves to basking in the sunshine. They will then enjoy their lives more.

OPechanga said...

Nope... we are Pechanga.... By blood...Unlike the Rose Murphy descendants

Reinstatement_Restitution said...

Which rule are you talking about? Most disenrollments have been enacted by tribal leaders without supporting evidence and lack the consensus of the tribe. In the case of Pechanga the tribal leaders disregarded the report of their own anthropologist. In the case of Pala the tribal leaders disregarded the recommendation of the BIA that the members remain enrolled. In the case of Chukchansi their were three factions vying for control of the gaming revenue and faction leaders trying to disenroll their opponents.

The allegation that disenrollees somehow knew that they weren't legitimate tribal members is spurious. The comments you have provided in this thread are completely unsubstantiated. They are opinions of the worst kind since they pretend to be logical but are instead confabulations. Which tribes "began the process of careful distinction between themselves and others?" Makes no sense at all. Federally recognized tribes have federally approved membership rolls and are obligated to share gaming revenue if there is a Revenue Allocation Plan with all enrolled members. If per capita distribution is the trigger to identify errors in enrollment, then money is the concern not enrollment qualification.

Your advice to disenrollees is ludicrous. Disenrollees have been harmed without due process and in violation of their civil rights to equal protection and equal treatment. Their tribal citizenship has been revoked without recourse. There is no legal venue that will conduct a hearing, no tribal court that will review the case, no tribal council that will vote on the merits.

I say you are incompetent to offer comments on disenrollment, your statements are easily refuted and inflammatory. My advise to you is to actually study the issue objectively and to make sure that you have facts on which to base your opinion or else simply hold your tongue.

WeRone said...

The truth is, our ancestors want us to share the truth. Whatever time we have we should honor the truth. It’s interesting to see a post from another saying it’s ok to strip others of their rights, and that should be accepted. I feel sad that someone today believes it’s ok to strip others of the same rights you want us to honor? Karma is the truth.

Anonymous said...

Anthropologist? Wow, sorry I just have to go down to Baja to see my 100 cousins, "Indigenous peoples of Mexico." That's where Pechanga people are from Mexico right?

Anonymous said...

If no one gets per capita,they will fell what those who were disenrolled feels like,this is carma

Anonymous said...

3:43 karma

Anonymous said...

That photo just goes to show you that you can dress any monkey in a suit.

WeRone said...

Ignoring recorded depositions giving tribal elders opportunities sharing their depositions during Pechanga allotted land settlements means nothing? Dolores Tortuga, Jose David Rodriguez, Antonio Ashman some people ignore your recorded oral depositions...

“Others apart from the historical action to disenroll non-members may wonder how these individuals became erroneously enrolled in the first place. They fell into a category known as "close, social, and economic ties." By this means, they inveigled themselves into the tribe while others winked at their actual status as non-members”

The truth was recorded by elders and ignored by others. Why? The truth is crystal clear

Anonymous said...

Bask in sunshine to make lives better for individuals that were illegally disenrolled following the voice of the people where by a vote yielded that voice said to stop disenrollment. I suggest you explore the scholarships offered by Pechanga, you and your family will need them if you are the leader in any capacity.

Anonymous said...

And might I add, I have red ribbon certified documents from the US government showing my lineage back to That of an original Pechanga member. Corruption and greed promoted the splinter group to act in ways that were erroneous and with ill intent to hurt true Pechanga people. I am still a proud Pechanga, I know what happened and stood before the once ancient enrollment committee who had no type of training, only years of hate in their heart with a want to damage and hurt. Let’s be real and cut the shit.

Reinstatement_Restitution said...

Just want to say my grandfather was an enrolled Pechanga member. His name is Paul Magee, son of Robert Magee, grandson of John Magee, owner of the store where the Treaty of the San Luis Rey was signed in 1852.

Makes no difference to Pechanga. They disown their ancestors and put a moratorium on enrollment.

WeRone said...

The truth will always shine through.

Anonymous said...

How did Basquez Jr. survive AIDS he got from Big Bubba in Prison.

Anonymous said...

Why don't all family lines enrolled and disenrolled put up all documents up against one another to be judged by outside unbiased genealogy experts to see who really has the right to be there. If you all (both sides)are secure and confident with your family lines there should not be anything to worry about. Right?

Anonymous said...

Its very simple to settle this. Pechanga tribal government can set aside it sovereignty on this issue and settle this in the dept. of interior base on the tribal constitution, by-laws and all documentation of the hunters disenrollment including the DR. John Johnson report that the enrollment committee pay him to do.

Anonymous said...

I like what Anonymous said about the documents being put up so see who belongs in Pechanga!!
Mark Macarro is not even an Indian and you let him become chairman. Him and his family our
enjoy the profits well the really Indians are getting shafted. I've been reading your complaints and this has been going on for years. Why haven't you Indians looked into Mark
Macarro family line. You must not care to much I've been posting that Mark Is not Indian
but it falls on death ears. I wrote in a blog a couple of months ago that I do research for
a hobby and that Mark Macarro is not an Indian, so stop crying wolf because know one
even responds.