Friday, June 15, 2018

BIA CORRUPTION Lawuit: TRUE San Pasqual Indians Get Their Day in Court

The attorney for the True San Pasqual Indians has announced the court date for their trial against the Dept. of Interior for their failures. July 19th in San Diego Federal Court.

Jose Juan

Alexandra McIntosh:

This will be the first time that the true San Pasqual Indians, collectively, have been in court to defend themselves since 1878, when your ancestors were ejected from your aboriginal land. 

However, it is the first time since 1850 that you have been able to have a voice in a California court as the San Pasqual Indians! It goes without saying that this is historic, no matter what the outcome.

So you are more than welcome to pack the court room, but I am sure I need not say . . . . but I will . . . you must be respectful no matter what the outcome.

Second: If you are interested, I would like to take you to show you where Jose Juan, Modesta, and your family members actually executed their 1928 California Indian Applications that have created so much controversy for not only the true San Pasqual Indians, but also nearly each and every Native in California .

I can show you exactly where your ancestors stood on that date before Wadsworth. If you are interested, we will set a time and I will meet you prior to the hearing, which is in a different building, but near by to the hearing in Judge Battaglia's court room

OP:  We hope this effort is successful. The corruption at the BIA is STAGGERING.  True San Pasqual Indians wait for JUSTICE, while white people are in charge of the tribe.


Anonymous said...

Didn't they do this already...oh wait, it didn't happen.


Anonymous 3:28.Stop being a retard hater,,Do you see us making fun of your retarded cracker white Ancestors?And if the answer is yes" then you are a trask"~ Or better yet, go to the court we can show you all my ancestors true blood line documents.
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Anonymous said...

Big ass charade...Indian this, Indian that...most of ya'll aren't even half Indian. Bunch of White Anglo Saxon mixed, Mexicant mixed, mixed, mixed breed! Most of ya'll come from a dysfunctional family...none of ya'll come from a home where mother and father have kids TOGETHER and are STILL TOGETHER! Do ya'll not know that colleges nowadays teach that Indians are the MOST disadvantage race in America? Heck, how many of ya'll finished college...attended college? Hell, how many of ya'll finished high school? Every one of ya'll grow up hoping to reap the rewards that were awarded to Indians...hoping to one day receive blood money, per capita from casinos that the white man uses the Indian's name in vain!
Shut down the corrupted BIA, shut down all the illegal casinos! Let Indians live and fend for themselves, just as all other races do!

Anonymous said...

This is and has been going somewhere and will continue to go on and on until resolved. This is the most educated generation thus far just to educate you that have degrees and work for their money, buy their own vehicles and pay their own mortgages and are actual real appointed teachers educating all of your grandchildren. Many of the pre existing members are ones without high school diplomas with no fault of their own for they are only a product of their environment. It is this generation that helps the youth, helps run the casino that everyone lives off of and encourages kids to go to school. It is the product of not growing up with money; winning the birth lottery and being given thousands of dollars without working for it that makes some individuals not want to welcome the next generation and would rather see the rribe dissipate over letting the next generation flourish and make them more money. They only see what is in front of them.

Anonymous said...

Prayers go out to the King Freeman family for King Freeman.
He is in the hospital and not doing well.
It is unknown what the illness is but he is not doing very well.
Robert Smith is probably planning a big party to celebrate his illness.
I think he just turned 83 or 84.

Anonymous said...

The San Pasqual Tribe is made up of fraudulent Indians. Most of them are not people that belong to their bloodline. The new chairman as we understand, is only 1/16 of Native Bloodline. They have many enrollment issues for the fact the fraudulent tribe has jacked the descendants from their rightful birthrights and deny enrollment, for the fact it would make their monthly per-cap less. The people who who have greed as this are white people, which dwell in their tribe like the Hamlins, the trasks and many more.