Monday, June 4, 2018


Our friend EMILIO REYES has won a victory against the Department of the Interior! Emilio writes:

“Motion for Costs” on one of the pending FOIA lawsuits was granted by the Court and no opposition will be filed by the Government. Which means, I am now awaiting payment from the United States Attorney’s Office on behalf of the U.S. Department of the Interior. Great things happen when you’re passionate and do things with a humble heart and life always pays back the good actions.  

This PROMISES to be one of MANY.  The BIA/Dept. of Interior has screwed up so much, it HAS TO BE DELIBERATE....  STAY TUNED


Unknown said...


OPechanga said...

Thank you for saying this! We LOVE when someone who has NO BALL to put his name on his quote, can trash another person.
Very ... Salas like....

Anonymous said...

No Ball? Hmmm Emilio must have your other ball in his mouth! You are a fake and so is tribe wants him, he has tried getting in everywhere else instead of where he belongs! He is mexican, not indian from anywheee! He is a lying piece of trash! You are worse supporting him! You will see when he screws you in the end! Fuck Emilio the liar!

Anonymous said...

@ 1:13 PM
You should talk, look who you have running your Reservation.
A white man with no blood of the Band.
Just like the Chairman down at the Pala Reservation, no blood of the Band either.
So before you call the kettle black you better look in the mirror.

Anonymous said...

Well now we know who's side that 1:13 is on.

Confused said...

I have a question about Pala.
Why would the Chairman and the Treasure at Pala have a double signature card at the bank?
By this I mean the Chairman's signature card is signed by Robert H. Smith with his signature and Robert H. Smith signature again signed
Theresa Nieto.
And on Theresa J. Nieto's signature card is signed by her and again
her signature card is signed by Robert H. Smith as Theresa J. Nieto.
I am assuming that in case either one is not able to sign a check for what ever reason the other can sign the absent ones name and no one will know the difference.
I work at a Bank but can't get any kind of answers.
I am just stunned.


~Congratulations! Emilio TONGA BRO. "You did it!!. I'm very very happy for you my brother"..This is truly a good sign!! Many times we had our in differences but I have never doubted or forsaken your faith in politics you are a go get it!!And get there!! I new one day you would be victorious!!!One thing about me, I REMEMBER" all those" who have helped us in our tribes issues!! you were there in the start! to guide many of us! With your legal expertise! And wonderful STOP GENOCIDE CAMPAIGN~> You even went the extra mile and applied for a position at the B.I.A so that you can help many of us!!! it! ~Remember the Bernie campaign LMAO! Loved that too! I still have all the buttons and business cards you made for us. EMILIO! I never forget how good you were to me, and my people. Thank you and congratulations! Do not listen to the negatives things people comment~ They are hot and miserable because they are wearing" Jealousy cologne" and its summer... :D! LMAO! ...