Sunday, June 3, 2018

Genízaros: NATIVE AMERICAN SLAVES, Which Were Captured and Native Americans

Forgotten history of a shameful period in Native American history.  Native American SLAVES own by the Spanish settlers in New Mexico.  SOLD to them by Native Americans.  We've oft told the story of the Cherokee slaves, who evolved into the Freedmen of the five civilized tribes.  In fact just recently we wrote about how those descendants are often ignored in the commemorations of the Trail of Tears.

The New York Times had this story that has been overlooked by many..

The trade then evolved to include not just Hispanic traffickers but horse-mounted Comanche and Ute warriors, who raided the settlements of Apache, Kiowa, Jumano, Pawnee and other peoples. They took captives, many of them children plucked from their homes, and sold them at auctions in village plazas.

BY ANY OTHER NAME, STILL SLAVERY:Seeking to strengthen the 13th Amendment, which abolished slavery in 1865, Congress passed the Peonage Act of 1867 after learning of propertied New Mexicans owning hundreds and perhaps thousands of Indian slaves, mainly Navajo women and children. But scholars say the measure, which specifically targeted New Mexico, did little for many slaves in the territory.

Not all stories of Native American culture should be ... romanticized.   This century, the shameful acts of TRIBAL DISENROLLMENT, rip the ancestors from their graves and wipe out their heritage...

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