Sunday, April 8, 2018

Nooksack's Nabob Ne'er Do Well kNOCKED OUT: BOB KELLY fails to advance in Election

Karma is a bitch, as Nooksack Tribal Chairman Bob Kelly found out this week.

After years of abuse of his own tribe's members, racist attacks on the Nooksack 306 and being such a poor leader that the federal government had to step in, was eliminated from contention as tribal chairman.

3rd place in the primary, shows how little the tribe thinks of him anymore. CAN THE TRIBE get on the right track and follow the leads of the Enterprise Rancheria and Graton Rancheria in bringing the tribe together again?

3rd place and not a SINGLE 306 vote?  Can we HOPE for JUSTICE?


Anonymous said...

Maybe Pala and Pechanga will follow suit next.
You just have to have someone run against Smith and Macarro that is not afraid to run against them. Someone that has the best interest
of the entire Tribe and not just a few select members.
I believe that it could happen if the people stand together and vote with their brain.


I agree the people must "stand together" and form a cabinet within themselves and confirm and speak and strategize in these meetings every month ..This will inspire much native energy and brain power in unity. Let's not forget invoking the creator in these meetings. And Do not be afraid of these wicked chairmans there idiots coming against God.. for We must do what's right for our people! As For BOB KELLY Yes KARMA is a bitch. And respects No one... MARK and Smith...Your next.. Allen your ships almost here...and Karma is aboard..

Anonymous said...

Good by, Audios,, and go to hell.