Friday, April 6, 2018


Congressman Doug LaMalfa, who co-sponsored a thieving water rights bill for an APARTHEID TRIBE, the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians recently introduced a bill to reinvent a terminated Rancheria as California's largest tribe with a reservation anywhere within Siskiyou County. 

Doug LaMalfa
Shady thinking?

Disturbingly, the bill’s proponents have no lineal connection to the original Rancheria.  They are led by a Chico attorney — Tahj Gomes — who in 2016 identified himself in county minutes as the “Shasta Nation Etna Band Chair” but a few months later he testified to Congress that he was the “Chairman of the Ruffey Rancheria.”  OP:  LOL! Doesn't know WHO he

When a lawyer tells the county one story but Congress another, you start to ask questions. We, along with numerous tribes within California and Oregon have done so, resulting in the congressional record swelling to 13 letters exceeding 200 pages of materials.

What we do know is that the original Rancheria’s namesake — Old Man Ruffey — was documented by the Department of Interior in 1905 as a landless Karuk Indian living in Etna. In 1907, DOI purchased land in Etna and created the Ruffey Rancheria for Old Man Ruffey and others. In 1961, Congress ended its federal relationship with the Ruffey Rancheria and distributed its 441-acre reservation to the four remaining members who were Karuk relations of Old Man Ruffey. Those four members of the Ruffy Rancheria are deceased and it’s unknown whether they had children.


Shasta-Etna said...

I saw a letter by two tribes and they are highlighting that this group intends to exclude eligible members. They are trying to act like its a way for Shasta to get recognized, but they intend to exclude many Shasta & Karoks. Many of us are eligible and can't figure out how to get enrolled. This is disenrollment by exclusion. Why is congress recognizing a tribe that wants to exclude those who are eligible.

Wayne Gallegos said...

Here's the Ruffey Chairman's response and look how proud he is to have Redding Rancheria's support.

Redding in support tells you something isn't right. The tribe that disenrolls and unrecognizes native people. Probably got some political favors from Lamalfa on their casino expansion that is getting fought.

Alexander Valley and Mission Creek should get restored, they have legitimate claims.

Jillian Mctinney said...

Hahaa, Redding Rancheria in support. Maybe they'll provide technical assistance to Ruffey on how to disenroll and reservation shop. I've got Shasta family up that way and they say these guys are pretending this is a way for Shasta to get recognized but they are hiding how many other Indians are eligible.