Tuesday, April 17, 2018

CATHOLIC CHURCH and Native American Tribe Reach Consensus

After centuries of abuse of Native Americans, Los Angeles Archbishop José Gomez signed 17 new protocols in March that serve as guidelines for churches and their institutions to welcome and include Native Americans of California.

The protocols include a range of topics, including the prohibition of using Native American burial sites as construction sites, allowing events that involve the formal participation of Native Americans to use a traditional blessing with a sacred herb, and specifically stating that Native Americans are not to be invited to events "merely for purposes of demonstration or cultural expression but for appropriate, full and active participation."

Twice the church has apologized for the treatment and punishment of Native Americans by Catholics, as well as the spread of disease to tribes by Westerners.

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The Catholic Church and their Petty Apologies are not going to heal the billions of abused Native Americans by the hands of the Soldiers. let's not mention the molested children from Canada to America under the so called protection of the church..Those friars and priest of old time we're wicked and terrible people.I have read the friars castillian Chronicles and they claimed we we're "Savages" Whitches and needed their naked Mexican Jesus on the cross..Come on now.... This 7 generation are not fools The Catholic church will one day become "The One world government"..Whose leader will be a Genetic Abomination"...An Alien whose actually....A fallen one"..An angel who transferred into Demon .When he was kicked out of heaven"...Common now "Natives".. If y'all believe the Catholic Church will save your soul from hell..Then you haven't studied the Words of God. And his lost Gospels.You must stay "Learned"..and up on your "Prophecy knowledge...before you become a victim of the new world order and Satan's puppy..The pope were wolves in sheep's clothing...and they Still are. And they smoke cigars and drink Thunderbird..as for...San Luis Rey mission They are saved from hell..brother UBACH was a great Indian lover and good Deacon and they better hurry up with documents.or we going to give them a real PoWow on the phone....@men My native warriors. Serve The true creator..Yesha Elohim Yaweh"..and only him... except no frauds ..like Allen Lawson David Toler and rebbecca Garcia from cornuta St.And old Fart mark maccaro and fat boy buffet Smith.