Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The REDSKINS Nickname: MORE THAN A WORD.... and SOON to Be a Documentary

We've posted a few times on the Redskins nickname issue.  My blog readers seem to be on the fence whether they are natives or not.  I think the Redskins name is disparaging but l don't think that it should take precedence over disenrollment and other tribal abuses.  In fact, I believe some just use it as a shiny object.

Navajo Code talkers Attending Redskins game.

That being said, my curiosity has been piqued by a couple of young Native filmmakers who want to tell a more complete story via documentary form. Kenn and John Little are members of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.  They've begun work on MORE THAN A WORD which will give all sides to the controversy.

From their Go Fund Me Page

Over the last year, controversy over the Washington team name has received coverage on a variety of news stations. It has long been a big issue in Indian Country. Despite the increased attention and awareness, we feel that there are still too many non-Native people who do not fully understand the importance of changing the name.

The centrality of Native caricatures to white American identity has roots in American white supremacist violence and colonization. Yet team supporters deny that this history matters in the present debate. We want to examine their position in greater depth. 

These young Native filmmakers need help:

The money raised during this time will be utilized to begin Phase Two of filming, which we would begin in early 2016 in Washington DC. Phase One included filming the rallies, interviewing various activists and fans, and gathering support for this project. Phase Two will include interviews with D.C. located activists as well as Washington name supporters. Historians and academics, who are knowledgeable on the issue and the historical aspects of the word, will also be interviewed. Funds raised will be used to cover equipment and travel costs, as well as any possible fees required to film at some locations. For example, filming at the Smithsonian requires multiple fees to use the location and to interview its personnel.


DONATE at their Go Fund Me page that's step one.  Step two, share this post with all your friends, whether they agree or not.  Let's help get this conversation moving forward.  The more you share, the more people pay attention to this issue.  Activism isn't always marching with a sign, it can be sharing information via your computer...

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