Friday, January 29, 2016

Nooksack Tribal Council Member Subject of RECALL. NOT GOOSE STEPPING to KELLY FACTION

Carmen Tageant is now the subject of a recall from the Nooksack Tribal Council. Her OFFENSE?  NOT GOOSE STEPPING to Bob Kelly Faction's desire to disenroll.  Time to bury your heads in the sand again, BIA.

From Facebook:

Where is the reason? Where is the ethics? Where is the humanity? On what grounds is justice served when people are trying to recall one of the sole council members who have been a sound heart, and an open mind at the council table? She has not violated her duties or responsibilities. Carmen Tageant has exemplified what it means to be an Indigenous Leader. How does one rationalize trying to recall one of the council members who has upheld the very values of Indigeneity in her framework, in her ways of thinking, in her actions, and in the way she treats people?

Carmen has continuously displayed her kind heart and her willingness to listen to her people. She has not belittled her community members through demeaning conversation. She doesn't bring people's spirits down through ill-willed words. She doesn't look down at people. She doesn't misallocate resources. She advocates for you and she confronts the unjust. Carmen has been a huge influence in what got the Nooksack People their monthly community meeting back. She fought for the space for your voice and needs to be heard again. That alone illustrates that she values you, the People, genuinely. While other leaders talk down at their people and staff, until individuals literally shrink in their seats, Carmen was fighting for you to be heard. While other leaders were disregarding the well-being and spirit of innocent children, she was fighting for their prosperity and happiness.

Leaders are not supposed to be robots, they are not supposed to be puppets. They are supposed to represent their people and to give their unique perspective. Carmen has been a diverse voice on the Nooksack Council. Just because she challenges the unethical ideals of some of our council, does not mean she is deserving of losing her seat. It's the opposite. Rather, she is truly most deserving of her position.

Do not sign that recall, Nooksack. Do not be swayed or intimidated into stripping an honorable and respectable councilwoman of her role. Do not let a sound heart, listening ears, and open mind be forced into leaving the council chambers. Do what is right. We cannot let this happen, it is the last thing the Nooksack People need.

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Anonymous said...

Do we know the specific reason that was provided as a basis for the recall? I know Carmen and support her. However I am curious to understand the reasoning that was provided.