Thursday, January 14, 2016

Nooksack 306 Stands With Tribal Members In Court Over Voting Rights.

We wrote that Bob Kelly and the Nooksack Tribal council had postponed an election to control the votes and thereby disenfranchising their members.  Today, there is a court hearing on the matter.

Nooksack Members Stand outside for Justice for ALL

The Nooksack tribal council passed an election ordinance that would change voting to absentee only.  This would allow them to control who receives ballots.  Apparently, not all council members are being included in council meetings.  Sources say that tribal council members Nadene Rapada and Carmen Tageant have been excluded from meetings.

This smacks of fascism in its truest sense. Not allowing all elected representatives of the tribe to have their say.  So, then, what is the Kelly faction of the council looking to accomplish? Complete exclusion of a voting bloc, and control of the council via exclusion of opposition?

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